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  1. I gave an eye test about 8 months ago. and was recently at a driving school for registration. They gave a document check list on which it is mentioned that a eyetest(Sehtest) is needed for the application but it may not be older than 3 months?   Is that anywhere in the law mentioned that the eye test may not be more than 3 months old? All I could find out was that the eyetest is still valid for 2 years.      
  2. So as an update, all clarified with the company I signed up with, they agree on cancelling the contract and issuing Aufhebungsvertrag. I am glad it worked out. :)
  3.     You probably are not aware of a case-insensitive substring search ;)
  4.   Thats actually a good point. I will throughly check it again. I skimmed through once, couldn't really find anything with 'Strafe' or 'Bußgeld'.   Though 2 points worth noting.    1. Kündigung vorm Arbeitsbeginn ist ausgeschlossen.    2. In der Probezeit könnte den Vertrag von den beiden Partein ohne Grunde mit einem Kündigungsfrist von ''Einem Monat bis zum Monatsende'' gekündigt werden.
  5.   There is no connection to india whatsoever. They are 100% german spekaing company. The only thing they know that has the word india is 'Indian Ocean' probably.     
  6.   Which bogus point are you referring to?    Well maybe it is, though let me tell you a little inside story to this. This first company actually sold a fixed + variable salary(Erfolgsbeteiligung der Firma) during the negotiation phase and didn't mention even the provision of the variable salary in the contract upon my requests(I actually apotted that a bit late), so that was a dummy sold, I had no other option at the time and has already quit my current company so had to sign the offer, but it left me in bad taste and thankfully this new company approached me then which ended up in actually an even better offer.       
  7.   Don't get your head stuck in Nationalities. It happens all over the world where job market is dynamic. And this question relates in general to Germany. They don't chalk out contracts or their laws based on what may or may not happen in India, though this assumption is way too funny for me.
  8.   Yes the paperwork with the new company is going ahead. They are asking about the joining date that I can commit on, and thats the question here?   I would talk to the old company and see how they react, obviously they would be pissed but I would like to inform them in advance so that they have time to find someone else but the question is in worst case what should be my last day of work? and new joining date accordingly? 
  9.   If they consent to let me go. Then question doesn't arise.   If they do not, then in that case what would be the last day of my work there? Coz the new company wants to know what joining dat they whould write on the contract. 
  10.   I wish to cancel my new work agreement that I already signed in wake of another offer.   On 01.02.2019 (First day at the job)   Notice of termination: one month to the end of the month (during the probationary period)   Which day is my last day?   28.02.2019 or 31.03.2019?   It can also be that they could consent to letting me go without needing to enter work contract at all upon requesting.(As in work contract it says ''Quitting before the first day is excluded''   But just in case they wont allow? Then what joining date should I commit to the new company?