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  1. I had fever and pain so my Hausarzt recommended I see a specialist. I got an appointment for the Specialist and reached there on time. I started speaking with the receptionist/assistant making the best use of my basic German (I've started with B1.1 in my evening classes). They she handed out to me a form where you have to list your pre-existing conditions. I've had some experiences before where the doctor's office had this form in other languages or provide your some support filling the form if you're not a native, so I asked her is the form was available in English.   At this point the receptionist basically lost it. "We speak no English, no Persian here" (I'm Indian), "this is not the right practice for you go find another doctor and pointed towards the door", "the doctor speaks only in German","why did you come here alone?" she basically lost her temper and spoke in a very condescending tone. I told her I am in pain, I have no one in Germany and I will try my best in German. I took the form and used Google translate to fill it to the best of my ability. Sometime later the same assistant herself gave me some quick instructions in perfectly fine English. The doctor was very friendly and spoke great English (even though I had the complete thing already typed out in German for him on Google translate). At the end I thanked the doctor for his services and gave him the feedback that I felt I was treated unfairly by his staff. To which he said a brief "okay" and left.   I'm an intra-company transfer and plan to stay in DE for 4 years. I try to be respectful of the local culture, do my best to learn the language along with my job and would consider myself soft spoken.   I felt very belittled today, and for something which was a mere question and not a demand. I felt the person determined her reaction based on the way that I look. I really want that no one else should go through this, especially when they are sick. Is there any sort of action I can take?