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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    While I personally think that Brexit is an act of mass national self-harm, I think that for your average person they will not notice any real difference. There are around 170 countries that are not part of the EU, and some of them do just fine (although 150 of them would probably love to be in the EU). Consider that visa-on-arrival schemes more or less make for free movement, as most people don't want to leave their village let alone their country; reciprocal healthcare arrangements can easily be covered by travel insurance in most cases; and highly skilled workers will be eligible for other migration pathways.    I don't think that it is unreasonable for a country to expect migrants to speak the language before they arrive, given we're talking about a skilled migration pathway. The UK government's policy paper has not actually specified what a sufficient level of English will be, and as far as I know there will remain no language requirement on the existent visa schemes.      The UK government can in theory alleviate emerging labour shortages by changes immigration policy on the fly. Australia certainly does this, as does the US. For the 7bn odd global citizens who aren't members of the EU, it will probably be easier to move to Britain.    I perfectly understand why my friends in London and Edinburgh hate Brexit, but I can also see why many people did not feel that EU membership benefited them. I would dare guess that if there was a referendum in Germany on abandoning the common currency it would be a closely fought contest, despite how important a depreciated currency is to the economy here. The Germans love the idea of a strong and independent Bundesbank, and the British love blue passports...
  2. Brexit: The fallout

    Based on the released policy proposal, everyone, regardless of their country of origin, will be subject to the same set of criteria in determining if they will be eligible for a visa. A prospective migrant from Bangladesh, and a prospective migrant from France will be both assessed by considering their skills and qualifications. It was always (historical caveats aside) possible to migrate to the UK under various migration schemes. These schemes will now also apply to the EU. From the perspective of someone in a non-EU country it is now slightly easier to move to the UK because there will be no cap on the number of visas offered, but the hurdles are still relatively high.