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  1. Reentering Germany

    As far as I know, they can argue that you don't have sufficient funds to invite your spouse over to Germany. They have a very specific requirement regarding it (Like how big the accommodation should be, how much one should be earning, etc).
  2. Reentering Germany

    Thanks for quick responses. I am confused with one thing:   You both said 8 years are needed for nationality. But isn't that different if your spouse is a German National? Considering that the husband is a German national (He got naturalised after getting married) won't the duration for nationality for the wife reduces to 3 years?   Thanks again, I know you guys aren't lawyers but you are giving good information.
  3. Reentering Germany

    Many thanks for a detailed answer karin_brenig. Just to understand a few things:   So we leave with the status that husband is a national and wife is not. Wife has lived for two years in Germany and done her Integrationskurs. So when after some years they want to return to Germany, the process would be as follows:   1. The husband will come to Germany and arrange an accommodation and find a job or any other means of living 2. Then he can apply for the family reunion (just like the first time) and invite the wife over?     2a. What if they come very late and cannot work but have enough to survive in Germany (a property etc), would german Authorities cause problems in issuing visa for the wife? 3. Will the two years they spent together in Germany count when the wife applies for her nationality?   Thanks again and best regards.
  4. Reentering Germany

    I would really appreciate if someone can answer the questions in my last message. and one more question: If the husband decides to take up a job outside of Germany, can the wife continue to live in Germany if the husband provides for her (financially)?   Thanks alot!
  5. Reentering Germany

    Can a visa be applied based on their previous stay and residence in Germany? Or the process of family reunion has to be done again?   Side question: what is the earliest option for the spouse to apply for nationality? (The husband got his nationality through naturalization).
  6. Reentering Germany

    Hello Everyone,   I have a question: What happens if a married couple (one of them is a German national) has lived in Germany for a couple of years together and then move somewhere else for some years. What would be the procedure of them coming back to Germany?   I believe the German national can just come back but what would be the procedure for the spouse?   Background info: When they got married, the spouse applied for Family reunion Visa and all the required verification etc was done at the time. The spouse also did integrationskurs during their time in Germany.   Thanks and regards.
  7. Hello,   My wife has recently joined me in germany and she has the Bescheinigung to attend Integrationskurs. But unfortunately the next courses are starting atleast a few months later. My question is, since she has received the Bescheinigung, is it an obligation for her to attend an integrationskurs? Or is it fine if she decides to attend any other German class?   We don’t receive any money from the state (Arbeitslosengeld) and I am a fulltime employee.   Thanks and regards