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  1. About the "Nach 2Jähr. Versicherungspfl. Beschäftig. ist Beschäftig. jeder Art gestattet" part, during my time in the university here, I also worked as a HiWi for two years. I'm not sure if that retroactively qualifies me for this condition, which is listed on the Blue Card though. I guess that would likely not work out?
  2. In the Zusatzblatt of my Blue Card, it is written:     Now, there is a chance to help out on a university research project as *Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft* in my spare time, e.g. 40 hours per month. However, to do that, apparently the university would want me to sign a HiWi contract, as usual.   My understanding is that, I can only work as a *freelancer* (Freiberufler), but not as an *employee* of any other organization. Therefore, I'd need to invoice the university for the services that I perform, instead of being able to sign a normal HiWi contract. I'll also need to register myself at the Finanzamt and get a separate Steuernummer.   Is my understanding correct?   The situation is annoying, since universities here are quite rigid, and it's quite possible that the department wouldn't be able to establish a freelancing working relationship with me due to all the bureaucracy, meaning that I'd miss out on this chance.TT≥≥≤≤