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  1. When browsing through legal insurance options (Rechtsschutzversicherung), I noticed that some companies offer "Vertrag-Check", primarily on work and rental contracts. But it's unclear to me how useful it would actually be. I mean, if I have doubts over a contract, I should always be able to consult a lawyer over it anyways, right?   The scope of the "check" is also not clear. Here is a description from one provider:   "Geprüft wird, ob der Vertrag für Sie als Verbraucher rechtlich unwirksame Vertragsklauseln enthält."   If a clause that disadvantages me is really legally invalid, it seems that this would be more relevant when a conflict actually arises and I consult a lawyer at that time, than when I first sign the contract.   (Though maybe it could be the other way round, i.e. there is some clause that benefits me, but when conflict arises it turns out to be invalid. I wonder how practical such a case would be though. I don't feel like this is what the above sentence is referring to.)   Feels to me this "Vertrag-Check" could be more of a gimmick and I shouldn't take it into consideration too much when I choose a legal insurance. Maybe I'm wrong though.   I wonder if somebody has used such a service from a legal insurance and had some experience. Or in general had some experience about using a legal insurance when signing new employment/rental contracts etc.