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  1. Thanks for the info. So it seems that the Steuerklasse field should still be filled out on the payslip, just not with a "6" but with a "P" :-P I just blindly trusted them to sort it out properly from the beginning, and I made the stupid assumption all along that they took care of it properly, and that the taxes deducted on my payslip were the Pauschal, as I've never seen what a Minijob payslip should actually look like...
  2.   So it seems that the employer is supposed to make this choice considering the employee's benefits, which in my case clearly would have been to treat it as a Minijob instead of put it under Steuerklasse 6.
  3.   I never knew that there is actually a "Wahlrecht" to either treat it as a Minijob OR under the normal tax classes... This sounds quite insane to me, but I guess this is just how the bureaucracy is here and what one has to deal with.   So the person who wrote the second paragraph thinks that one might still get their taxes back in this situation, while some others were not sure. The first link I posted in my original post certainly hinted that this would be a possibility. But I wonder if this will now rest a lot on both the university staff and the Finanzamt subjectively willing to go through the bureaucracy and help me out, or whether it's more like an objective thing I have a right to insist on.
  4. Sorry, didn't receive any notification in my email, even though I checked "Notify me of replies", and I thought that nobody replied.
  5. I started a second employment in November 2019, with a monthly pay below 450 Euros, and I don't have any other second employments. I'm now doing my tax declarations, and I have just realized that all this time, the employer actually classified the job under Steuerklasse 6 instead of Minijob! If this goes unchanged, I'll not only not get the full pay, but I'll have to pay a huge amount of Nachzahlung (> 1500 Euros) to the Finanzamt, due to Steuerklasse 6 being taxed really harshly.   I know that I'm a total idiot for not realizing the issue for so long. I just assumed that the employer would do its job and classify the employment correctly. I didn't even know that it was still possible for a job below 450 Euros to be technically classified into one of the Steuerklassen. And whenever I received the pay at the end of the month, I just thought the Pauschal amount was deducted from it. I didn't even look into the issue when I received the Lohnsteuerbescheinigung earlier this year, thinking that since it was another employment after all, it would be natural for me to receive such a document, even though it should have been a Minijob. Only now that I go through a Steuererklärung software, did this issue dawn on me, and I realized what Steuerklasse 6 really means after doing a search online.   Can I still do something about it? From what I saw somewhere around the web, e.g. and, it's apparently possible to retroactively say that the job should be treated as a Minijob, as long as it is communicated to and discussed with the Minijobzentrum and the Finanzamt. I guess I'll need to contact the employer and tell them to do so as soon as possible?   If for some reason the past tax classification cannot be changed anymore, is there any benefit for me at all for the job to be classified under Steuerklasse 6 instead of under Minijob? From what I see, there seem to be pure disadvantages (since even for a Minijob the employer still pays into Rentenversicherung anyways), and I can't believe the current situation is actually something possible.