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  1. German Citizenship in Hessen

    Hello,   I dont know if someone has already asked this question but i just want to ask again.   I am supposed to complete 8 years in September 2023 which means i can apply for German citizenship. As the process of becoming german citizen is very long, Can i apply it now (4 months before) for it? Will it be considered?   Thank you in advance.
  2. Hello everyone,   I have tried to find some forum but i couldnt find it. So, starting new topic. Hopefully, Someone have answer for me.   I have received job offer from a company in Frankfurt. I will be starting in May 2023. In my old job, after resignation notice period is 6 weeks. I will give my resignation in end of february.   Before i had received new job offer, earlier this year i had applied for 15 days holidays at my old job. Can i still take that holidays at old job or i have cancel it? I am not 100% sure. Can anybody help me with this? So far i have understood, 2.5 days are holidays for eachmonth. So, if i want to take 15 days holidays then i have to work  till June,2023. Is it correct?