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  1. Good day,   I'm in Germany as an MSc student and my wife and two boys joined me through a "Familiy Reunion Visa" (Familiennachzug). I have a private insurance through a scholarship sponsor for all of us. That scholarship and its insurance are ending soon and the costs to continue with them are of around 500 EUR that we are unable to handle at the moment.   I went to AOK to ask about Freiwillige versicherung, but they told me that it is not an option as I'm over 30 and I'm under a Student Resident Permit.   What I can't understand is if my wife can apply to AOK or TK and through them get insurance for the whole family. As my wife's Resident Permit is unlimited (no student restrictions to work or income), she is looking for a job as registered by the Arbeitsamt, and considering that she is now in a private insurance contract that is ending soon.   I'd appreciate any comment if this is possible. If not, are our only options the insurance for students like Vela or Mawista?   Cheers,