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  1. Private Schools Mannheim

    Dear Kato and Christine,   thanks. I’m getting hopeless to find good options around. We are not big fans of Waldorf methods. I though Mannheim could offer a handful set of options but not even there.   Heidelberg could be an option and I was there in 2 international schools during our first month in Germany, but they were a way too expensive, in a format that companies will pay for it. If someone knows something in Schwetzingen, Hockenheim or surroundings I really appreciate.   Today I had a tough meeting in the school with the teacher. It is frustrating to see that she doesn’t understand our needs and the needs of our son. The German system seems to be very limited. For me as a father it was sad to see her making 2 questions to him that he was not able to answer and telling me that he is not interested. When I explained the question to him he could answer and the teacher lost her face. How many times he is judged wrongly because the teacher is not prepared?? Hopeless here. Let’s see if some light comes in the next days... thanks all anyway.   W.
  2. Private Schools Mannheim

    Dear Christine, Thank you very much. We got the special from Manheimer Post. It is really helpful and it will be a plan B for us. It would be great to have something similar for Grundschule. I'll keep searching.
  3. Private Schools Mannheim

    Dear Christine, thank you very much. This will help a lot. We will try to find this newspaper in Thalia this week. My son is in the 3rd grade and I'm strongly reconsidering to move him to another school. The fact is that we live in a small city, and we think that the school is not as well-prepared for receiving international kids as in Mannheim. We think the structure in Mannheim will be better for him. Private school could be a good option, but I'm still trying to find that would be the best option to him. Any help is very appreciated.   Regards,   William Vidal.
  4. Hello,  anyone that have/had kids in Private Schools in Mannheim could give a recommendation? I heard about Kurpfalz Gymnasium and Realschule in Mannheim. Any experience? Any idea about costs? Any other good name to search through? thanks!