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  1. Yeah, we've given up on the late night shopping idea now. It IS hot tonight. Luckily we found some cold wine in the mini bar :D so we are now chilling and de-stressing. Hey - can't worry too much about this stuff - it'll all work out okay in the end. We'll tackle the clothes shopping tomorrow as you suggest - thanks for the words of wisdom. And the ice-cream sounds like a brilliant idea too! :)


  2. Hi there, thanks so much for the reply. We're looking for adult clothes his 'n hers, also boys age 7 & 8, smart/casual nothing too fancy/expensive (Gap, maybe??). We're going from Potsdam at about 10AM, getting to Wansee/Dahlem area around 10:30, then next appointment is at 2PM so have a couple of hours to spare. Think we'll just make our excuses at the first appointment and hope they're not expecting us to be too sharply dressed LOL.


    Guess the lesson learned is always to pack a spare change of clothes in hand luggage LOL.


    Thanks again.

    Jonathan & Carol-Ann :)


  3. Hiya, looking for advice please. We just arrived today in Berlin, staying for a week house/school hunting. All our luggage missed its connecting flight so we have NO change of clothes. Supposed to be meeting school principals tomorrow AM. Are there any shops/supermarkets that sell clothes that stay open late/open early/24 hours? We're in Potsdam, but could drive up to Berlin... or anywhere really. At the moment we're handwashing clothes in the room as no decent (ie timely) laundry service in the hotel. Any thoughts / advice on shops would be appreciated. Thanks!


  4. Places at JFK go very fast because the fees are state supported. Might be worth looking at for your kids Adelle - we were told no way as (a) they are already over-subscribed this year and (B) we are British (this apparently overruled the fact that our kids were born in America and are American citizens - go figure!).


  5. Hi Adelle, we are going through the same now with our kids. Our boys are 6 & 8, currently in first & second grade in Michigan. We're looking at the Berlin International School and the Berlin Brandenburg International School. In fact, we will be having interviews there in about 3 weeks as we are going on a househunting/school look-see trip. So look me up in a few weeks and I'll be happy to share our experiences with you! :)


  6. Oh, doesn't sound too hopeful then :( My licence is from Michigan, and I am moving to the Potsdam area. My wife has the same issue - we learned to ride at the same time. Will check it out once we get there. Hopefully we won't have to take a bunch of lessons in Germany as we already know how to ride. Just trying to save ourselves a few €€€ ;)


  7. Hi, I have a similar question - I am a Brit currently living in the U.S. I have two drivers licences - my British one and an American one. I took my motorcycle test here in the U.S. last year and now have a motorcycle endorsement on my U.S. drivers licence. I never took a motorcycle test in the U.K., so I don't have the motorcycle endorsement on my U.K. drivers licence. I'm moving to Germany later this year, and am wondering if I can ride a motorcycle there using my U.S. driver's licence? I would REALLY like to avoid taking another motorcycle test if I can!


    Thanks :D