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  1. German cooking habits

    I am sure we have all seen new things here, I hope others will add theirs as well.   Two things have really stuck out to me.   1. Cooking in the morning and leaving the food sitting out all day. Just heating if needed before dinner. I see this even with meats. I have no problem cooking in advance putting things in the cooler and later reheating, but is this not a cesspool for bacteria and food borne illness? I also see people do this with leftovers some even for days, just sit there in the original cooking pan on the stove until eating.   2. Putting food outside on the balcony. I understand if its winter in theory. But 1 does this also not encourage bacteria if it is not cool enough and 2 you would think it attracts animals. My mother in law does it religiously.   Am I paranoid? Do you do this?   Also have you found any weird or rather different cooking or kitchen techniques or habits that threw you for a loop? Do you reject it or welcome it in your home :)
  2. I have been here almost two years now and I have noticed that Germans do not seem to be so into coupons and freebies. Perhaps I am just not looking in the right places. What have your experiences been here?   This is what I have seen so far:   1. Just standard store mark downs (sales), occasional quick sale or clearances   2. Coupons in magazines such as the one from Rewe but they are usually random like buy a chain saw and save 10%, not like the abundance of food coupons we get back home   3. Occasional free gifts with purchase, for instance right now with Wetbild get a free grocery bag with your oder   4. A few bonus programs. I know vodafone has one and I have seen people using the dautschland karte   But I miss the good old samples and freebies without the need to purchase. Just good old spread the word marketing tactics.   And the sunday papers with buttloads of coupons.   So am I forever confined to stock piling at aldi and lidl during sale weeks, or am I overlooking new avenues to find deals and steals :)
  3. I am working on my German, and plan to do the integration course once financially feasible. But being at home all the time is really starting to get to me. I have tried looking for work and only have found the freelance English positions.   Do you have any tips for jobs in the Heilronn area that would hire someone with minimal German. I would be happy with even a mini job, or just a few days a week. Just want to get back into the swing and make a few bucks for myself.   Any tips are appreciated.   I am willing to work in any field.   My work experience has been in retail management, sales, and marketing but not necessarily jobs easily completed with a limited German vocabulary.   Thanks a bunch