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  1. German cooking habits

    I am sure we have all seen new things here, I hope others will add theirs as well.   Two things have really stuck out to me.   1. Cooking in the morning and leaving the food sitting out all day. Just heating if needed before dinner. I see this even with meats. I have no problem cooking in advance putting things in the cooler and later reheating, but is this not a cesspool for bacteria and food borne illness? I also see people do this with leftovers some even for days, just sit there in the original cooking pan on the stove until eating.   2. Putting food outside on the balcony. I understand if its winter in theory. But 1 does this also not encourage bacteria if it is not cool enough and 2 you would think it attracts animals. My mother in law does it religiously.   Am I paranoid? Do you do this?   Also have you found any weird or rather different cooking or kitchen techniques or habits that threw you for a loop? Do you reject it or welcome it in your home :)