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  1. Well, I spoke too soon.  Just learned that the hubby is going to be out of town.  So sorry to miss out!!
  2. I'm in!  Looking forward to seeing you all!   
  3. Looking forward to it!!  See you all on the 8th.  😘
  4. I'll be there with bells on :)
  5. Count me in!  Looking forward to it. 
  6. Count me in as well!  
  7. Hello Ladies! Before I forget, here is the Mexican store that sells the fresh and frozen tortillas, as well as other goodies, I mentioned last night.  In my opinion, the tortillas are very good!  Hope you all have a great day! Schulstraße 38, 80634 München
  8. Tacos!!! Finally!  Count me in!  
  9. Hello Ladies!  I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a good start into the new year.  I am finally out from under all the moving boxes.  As promised, I would very much like you invite you all out to Grafing to our new home!  That is if you can brave the S Bahn ride!!  We can meet here on Wednesday the 9th at 6:30 PM for a cheese-filled night of goodness, or if we are a large group, we can have an Aperitif here and then head to the Greek restaurant around the corner for dinner.  Let me know if you are in! Message me for the address. Ashley
  10. I'll crawl out from under all the moving boxes and meet you there! :)