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  1. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

  2. What are you cooking today?

    Today as Abendbrot there was Banana Split, but in stead of chocolate there was dulce de leche, my girls were shocked!
  3. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    we were just lucky, hope you get your money back, good luck!
  4. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    Update 2.   Today I got a message from the landlady, asking if we wanted to reschedule, so I think she also consulted a lawyer and was advised to do a refund, I answered that it was not an option because we are 2 families, with children and scheduling will be difficult, so she did a refund through fewo, I checked this with Fewo and they confirmed that the refund was on the way, so I will have to wait some days to hopefully get the money back.This was only possible because Schleswig Holstein is closed for tourist, and you cannot rent a place if your tenants are not able to access. Thank you guys for the help!
  5. Dog attack

    Yes you are right, the whistle is meant to train dogs, but I was told that the sound it makes, will get the dog´s attention for a couple of seconds, so in a case of an attack I will have the chance to pull the dog away … in my case it did not work at all.
  6. Dog attack

    I did try everything, the whistle, also some kind of device that makes a high pitch, nothing worked at all. I did not use the pepper spray as I was advised by the Police not do so, because If the owner of the other dogs gets affected by the pepper spray, I could get in trouble this was in 2007
  7. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    Yeah, it is like in the movies, when teenagers in the 50´s in USA where driving cars in opposite directions and then when they were about to collide, the first to avoid the crash was a CHICKEN.   Like in the movie Revel without a cause, there is a chicken run scene, I will watch it NOW  
  8. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    No, that´s lie, I just live in SH
  9. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    I will contact the landlady again, if nothing happens I will lawyer up
  10. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

      @sluzup Thanks for your suggestion, I already talk with the Bank, they said, that as I agreed on a contract with Fewo, I am not entitled to charge back, all I can do I start a claim. I wanted to be sure before doing this what is the liability of Fewo in this matter, and I was told from the verbraucherzentrale lawyer that Fewo, cannot refund the money, as this is a private matter between the landlady and me. We will see what happens, I am going to talk with the landlady to clear her position on the matter. We will see.
  11. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    Hello I would like to update the situation after talking with the lawyer from verbraucherzentrale,. (As a recap we rented a house for 2 families in Fehmarn in SH, from 28th March to 4th April with Fewo, the landlady says, not my fault will not refund).   1. Fewo-direkt has no liability on this matter, they can only refund the service charges In my case 182,07 EUR, this is in my opinion bad news but there is nothing we can do. 2. From today in Schleswig Holstein is closed for tourists https://www.ndr.de/nachrichten/schleswig-holstein/Coronavirus-Schleswig-Holstein-fuer-Touristen-gesperrt,corona882.html   So basically we are entitled to a refund of 100 % of the payed amount, but this is a private claim, so we have to ask the landlady to please refund, because of the current situation in SH.  If she does not react to the message, we need to send a letter (einschreiben), if that does not help we will have lo lawyer up, as we are talking of 1800 EUR, I will go for the legal way if necessary in the case the landlady doesn’t want to return the money, so in this case this will take some time.      
  12. Dog attack

    Hi @Henribear I am really sorry for your experience, I had a situation like that, my dog was on the line and we were waiting at the door of my apartment, suddenly a 12 years old girl who was with a 45 kg dog appeared, she couldn’t hold it and the dog was free. The other dog attacked us, I tried to pull my dog away behind me with the line, at one point my hand was in the middle and I got bitten, it was a mess. So basically I went to the police and did an Anzeige, becasuse this was the second issue I had with this dog. The other dog was check by the Ordnugsamt, at that point my German was very bad and it was a struggle. The mother of the girl with the dog, started to lie about the facts but fortunately some of the neighbors were confirming what happened. At the end nothing happened the insurance was offering me 40 Euro J , after a lot of discussions I was getting like 200 Euros, I had a bandage and in the medical report confirmed that I had temporary disability of 50 % of the hand compromised, I am freelancer programmer so was not able to work at 100 %. Not being able to speak good German, and having no resources for a Lawyer was an issue, make it all worse. If you and your dogs were attacked, you got injured, the owner of the other dogs does not care and you have the feeling that this dog is dangerous, I would definitely go to the police and make an Anzeige (THIS IS MY OPINION), thake in consideration that this is a process and will take some time. As someone mentioned here nothing will happen to the dog, but the owner will be defintely contacted by the ordnugsamt and they will check the dog. In my case it was so bad that after the incident I had to basically hide from the other dog when the girl was taking him out after the incident. I was not able to enjoy my time with my dog, I even try to talk with the owner of the dog to take my dog out in a different time, but she didn’t want to, she was really mad because of my Anzeige. If you think you need get a compensation for you injury and the vet costs for you dog, if possible ask the dog owner for the insurance information, if you don’t want to talk with her, then mention that in the police report, I am sure they will tell you how to get the insurance information. I wish you good luck!
  13. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    @AnswerToLife42 Thanks for answering The money is already booked from my credit card, it is like 1800 EUR, Fewo told me that the money is blocked and will be released to the landlady 1 day later the booking starts (28th March), so basically I don’t know if am in the position of handling with the landlady, to be honest I don’t think the landlady will send any money back, she already satated that is my fault because I am not having with a reiserücktrittsversicherung, I understand she also wants the money. The only way out I see here if there is any legal way to force Fewo to refund the money. Regarding coming back well probably that will be an option but we are two families with kids in the school so to agree in a new date will be difficult, so I don’t think I can commit to that
  14. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    Hi @LeonG Thanks for the correction, yes your assumption is right, I am not insured for cancellation. The reason for the cancellation is that I am not allowed to enter the island, actually I still would love to go there. I don’t know if she is dependent on the income, the landlady is and architect and has a studio with his husband in Hamburg in front of the Alster, It looks like they own some other houses in Fehmarn, but hey… who knows.  I agree with you that this is an unfortunate situation, basically the cancellation policy says 50 % if you cancel 15 days before, I did contact her on the 15th (13 days before the arrival) because I saw in the news, that I was not going to be able to get there. As I mentioned before I am not having any expectations, and also sure that she is not legally obliged to do a refund, I will wait for the legal advice on Wednesday and hope that I can at least get something back I will take any offer, something that strange is that Fewo-direkt stated, is that there is no invoice or contract between the landlady and me, I have an invoice for the Fewo-direkt services for 182,07 Eur.
  15. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    Hey @Sir Percy B thanks for your reply! my German is okay, my wife is German so no issues, we are aware of this article in fact we arrange a call with a lawyer from the Verbraucherzentrale, but we were told that this actually meant for Pauschal-bookings in this case where the Tenant is direct involved, will be difficult. For your entertainment this is the answer of the Tenant “haben Sie keine Reiserücktrittsversicherung, die für solche Fälle einsteht. Das Risiko einer Stornierung trägt der Mieter und nicht der Vermieter. Die Stornobedingungen stehen in den Mietvereinbarungen. Von daher müssten Sie jetzt eigentlich 100% bezahlen. Beste Grüße“ As you can see she is not willing to negotiate, I have hope on her wording using “eigentlich”, but it might be just an expression. I will talk with the lawyer on Wednesday, and at least I will as her to refound the Cleaning fees and the Kurtaxe. To be honest I just don’t think we will achieve much, we will see! Thanks for taking the time to post!