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  1. Conspiracy theorists
  2. Conspiracy theorists

    I don't know but this is pretty disturbing:     Why do we need all these conspiracy theories if we are making this even worse by ourselves?  
  3. Hi Guys!   My wife had an appointment today at a doctor which we waited 4 weeks, she is expecting. She had an ectopic pregnancy before so it is very stressful procedure for her and of course we wanted to be together at this very important moment.   But doctors at the praxis have refused to make an ultrasound if we are together because they have a “without accompanied person” corona-rule. My wife and I have tried to explain them that it is very stressful procedure for her because of previous complications and we need it only first time and then she will be visiting alone. But doctors just ended the discussion very rudely and asked us to leave.   What do you think about this situation? Of course we made an another appointment at another praxis (luckly we need to wait only another 10 days), but can my wife make some kind of complain? If yes, to which authority?   Thanks!
  4. Doctor refuses because of corona actions

        I am. I wish you all the best, but I am not going to participate in the duscussion, where nobody was able to answer the main question about authority where pregnant woman could try at least to protect her rights. At the same time 90% of people make offtopic and very rude messages. I might be wrong, but it is my choice. And I chooce not participate in society where members like posts about humilation that spouses care about their baby and other messages suggesting death of a woman and child. I am out. have fun here. still with love, maaxxx. kiss
  5. Doctor refuses because of corona actions

      Very smart comment... Same way you are today when 70 times more people dies RIGHT NOW in Germany. How did you get 16k rep points?
  6. Doctor refuses because of corona actions

    Well, sorry, look carefully. All data are there.
  7. Doctor refuses because of corona actions

          Deaths in Germany trends up, in Sweden - down. All graphs at WHO site and Johns Hopkins University.
  8. Doctor refuses because of corona actions

      Heve you ever tried to get any numbers? Look for my post above. PS. Be careful with your feet.
  9. Doctor refuses because of corona actions

      All numbers are from WHO.
  10. Doctor refuses because of corona actions

    Thanks, I will consider.
  11. Doctor refuses because of corona actions

      If a husband of previous patient had been carrying the virus then his wife would be too with a very high probability, so it does not matter worried am I or not – my wife would be also infected.   If my wife asks me to help her and to be with her, I prefer to be with her instead, as you suggest, telling her “I am sure that you can handle a few minutes away from me”. So sorry, may be I am wrong.
  12. Doctor refuses because of corona actions

      Sorry to hear, but this was not well thought decision on their part. Please just look for "Preparing for IVF: Emotional Considerations" and other related articles. You will see, that stressful time like now and even exactly partners separation during the treatment will with higher probability lead to woman’s body rejecting implantation.
  13. Doctor refuses because of corona actions

      When you, your partner or people who liked your post will loose unborn child, please come to me once again and I will allow you tell this to my wife. Good luck.
  14. Doctor refuses because of corona actions

      Only am I?   Don’t you want to tell this to german and other governments who spend 99% of time discussing how they will once again deprive us of our rights and only 1% of their time discussing how they will increase effectiveness of the virus treatment as people continue to die, including my close relatives?   Don’t you want to tell this to Herr Spahn, because his ministry rushed to implement now questionable lungs ventilation spending billions of EUR, while Herr Spahn buys something very fancy and thousands people died because of the procedure and not the virus itself?   Don’t you want to tell this to 10 million people in Sweden, who never had a lockdown and now have one of the lowest mortality rate in the world at same time here in germany people lose jobs, companies, lifes and commit suicides?   If you want I can continue, just ask me.   Yeah, I do not take it seriously... Because I do not support measures when a pregnant woman denied to be with her husband in the critical for her moment and at the same time several unrelated people allowed to be together and spread the virus on and on while buying new pair of glasses at an optic outlet, chatting with a consultant and having fun about how cool they look.   And finally, search at least for “Virus Mania” book, look for reviews, read it, analyze at least some of the 1000+ references in this book and then we will discuss my seriousness once again.   "Sapere aude"  
  15. Doctor refuses because of corona actions

    Guys, thanks a lot for the answers. The idea with online video is very interesting, although I hope we don’t need this in that case, but it might get handy in others, even so I am not sure that Germans will not find another way to forbid such actions as well.   Our friends recommended us a praxis, which has only a positive reviews and they are not afraid this corona insanity. So they told us we need to wait but they allow partners together.   Also thanks for the link. Sure, it does not make any sense to file a complain in such situation everywhere. Nobody will understand...   ...But I also do not understand, since when the psychological health of the pregnant woman and, if you want, a new life became less important than buying a pair of glasses or a bottle of beer, because you are free to go there millions time a day.
  16. I would also thoroughly look what is in T&C. If I would find there something about providing me with a service as obligatory part of my membership then I would demand my money back. This might help I think:
  17. House rules for customers on a premise

      Yeah, right, be professional about it. Exactly. When I visit a shop and use a service provided there - I pay for it. And I want a decent, ideally professional service for my money. How a service might be professional if rules spontaneously demanded from customers? In my case I just asked about clarification of one rule, but received a very rude response instead.   In fact, this happened in a very huge international business, and they make gazillion amount of money from customers and still staff behave this way. I understand, that probably this exact person does not make a lot of money, but she works for them and represented a business at that moment. And she lied to me by saying "I will not be explaining you anything - look for the rules at our internet site" - I clarified with customer service today and they admitted that they do not have requirements about masks quality at the website. And this lie was certainly "unprofessional".  
  18. Hi Guys!   I was in a shop in Dusseldorf today and an employee refused to service me because, as she said, my mouth-nose mask was not dense enough . I asked what exactly was wrong and she replied literally "End of story. I will not be discussing it. You must have medical or very good mask. It is our house rules here "   So I asked if it would be possible to show me this rules so I can clearly understand requirements but she denied, saying "look at our internet site ", where later I found nothing about such mask requirements.   So here is my question. Does a customer in Germany have a right to demand a written policy, rules or something regarding his behavior on premise of the business or must solely obey oral demands of employee and this is really, as she said, "end of story"?
  19. House rules for customers on a premise

    WTF! Where did you get my photo?! I demand privacy!   But seriously, I was wearing an ordinary mask... Sure, it was not these expensive ones, but a package of which I simply have bought in a supermarket. Don't know really how to describe, nothing special. That is actually the reason, why I asked her about rules which she mentioned - I simply wanted to understand what is wrong with the mask. But when she behaved very harshly, I thought about this notorious "Der Kunde ist König"...   Ok, here is the situation, which is somewhat similar to mine. You are in a retail store with a wife/husband and a small child, you have spent more than an hour, all of you are tired. Finally, you are at the cashier with everything you need, thinking about the home and a bed. And then the cashier tells you "I will not service you because your masks are not good enough".   Yeah, sure you can simply obey, say your loved ones "sorry, darling, we need to spend another god knows how many minutes to solve this situation. take care of the child and i will try to find new masks... and a shotgun. oh, please try to prepare the grenades meanwhile, darling."   But I think there is small chances to solve this problem the other way if you know your rights. That is what I try to understand now.   If there are no legal policies in Germany between businesses and customers in such matters, and we simply must obey any order of personnel then "Der Kunde ist König" is a biggest bullshit here imho.