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  1. Attest vs Hausrecht

    But the problem stays - I am not able to execute my rights as a person with a proven medical condition. And only because shops makes their own rules disregarding what has been written in the Law.
  2. Attest vs Hausrecht

    Hello everyone!   I have a pathology of the respiratory tract and recently because of the masks, the situation has worsened. For the time before the operation, the doctor wrote out a certificate exempting me from wearing a mask.   In two stores (hoffner, ikea) the same situation has happened – either put on a mask or leave a store. The clause from the NRW Coronaschutzverordnung about "Personen, die aus medizinischen Gründen keine Maske tragen könne" is of no interest to anyone. In hoffner-e, the administrator told me in plain text "Es ist mir egal, was im Gesetz geschrieben".   Is it true that Hausrecht gives employees the right to force me to leave the store despite the Coronaschutzverordnung clause and the Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz (Behinderung clauses)?   Thank for your answers!