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  1. Living abroad while on Elternzeit

    Yes that is clear but would not I be entitled to use healthcare in this transition phase while I am not in Germany?
  2. Living abroad while on Elternzeit

    Thanks, but if I leave apartment I also need to deregister, without being “angemeldet” am I eligible for social benefits?
  3. Living abroad while on Elternzeit

    Hello,   I would like to take Elternzeit (not Elterngeld as my son will turn 2 in March) and live abroad for 6+months. Also before leaving for Elternzeit I would leave my current apartment as our plan is to move elsewhere anyway once returned. Given current situation I would like to have flexibility to come to Germany (as I will not terminate employment contract) for e.g. vaccination or other health checks if needed but I am interested how is that feasible for me as I will not have apartment on my name for the time being?   We are here on blue card where I’m the only one working and I am eligible to apply for permanent residence permit.    Thanks in advance