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  1. Hi all - hopefully someone can offer a bit of guidance here. About a month ago we started having a plumbing issue here in our apartment, basically water flows through our toilet constantly and it doesn't flush anymore (it's a tankless toilet so I'm unable to fix it myself). We have the ability to turn off the flow of water but when we do it cuts off water to the rest of the apartment - so anytime we have to run the dishwasher, washing machine, take a shower or turn on a faucet a ton of water is being wasted down the toilet. Plus we have to flush it using a bucket full of water.   So I called the property manger and she said that they'll call me back soon and set up a time when a plumber could come. I waited a week but didn't hear anything. When I called a second time she was totally annoyed and said that the plumber was busy and "we'd have to be patient" two more weeks went by and I sent a polite but rather stern email explaining the fact that it's unacceptable to not have a functioning toilet for three weeks and to please arrange a plumber ASAP. It's been an additional week and I guess my email is simply being ignored. What avenues can I pursue now to make sure this problem is fixed? Is there some sort of government or city (Leipzig) entity that I can file a complaint with? Am I entitled at some point to hire my own plumber and deduct the amount from my rent? I'm also concerned about the amount of water being wasted. I'm pretty sure I'll be billed eventually for the amount of water used in my 'Nebenkosten' although I haven't yet gone through my lease with a fine-tooth comb. This is really frustrating and it would be amazing if someone could give me a bit of advice, thanks!
  2. Hi there, hoping someone here has advice, my wife and I are starting to get a bit freaked out.    I'm a German citizen and my wife is an American citizen. We moved to Germany together on Feb 1. As soon as we arrive we scheduled an appointment at the Auslanderbehoerde to get her a visa. The next appointment they had was on April 12, which we were somewhat worried about because that only left us two weeks worth of wiggle room on her 90 day tourist period, in case something went wrong. We did a walk-in earlier this week to make sure all of our paperwork was in order before our appointment and sure enough they have now told us that she needs to provide a A1 language certificate. Now we don't know what to do...in all of our research beforehand, we hadn't come across this requirement.    We emailed the office but they haven't responded, we called the BAMF but both of their hotline numbers are no longer in service. We've looked into booking my wife an exam but literally every testing center in the country is booked through April. There's an opening with Goethe five hours away in early April, but according to their website it can take a month after testing to receive the certification.   Now I'm reading more about this requirement it seems like it may not even exist. Section 28 in this link: http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/englisch_aufenthg/englisch_aufenthg.html#p0473 specifies no language requirement for spouses of German citizens. And I've read about exemptions for citizens of specific countries (US included), exemptions for degree holders (which she is)...but I'm unable to find any official document that explicitly states that this requirement exists, or doesn't exist, for someone in her position.   Any guidance here would be greatly greatly appreciated, thanks!