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  1. Hi all - hopefully someone can offer a bit of guidance here. About a month ago we started having a plumbing issue here in our apartment, basically water flows through our toilet constantly and it doesn't flush anymore (it's a tankless toilet so I'm unable to fix it myself). We have the ability to turn off the flow of water but when we do it cuts off water to the rest of the apartment - so anytime we have to run the dishwasher, washing machine, take a shower or turn on a faucet a ton of water is being wasted down the toilet. Plus we have to flush it using a bucket full of water.   So I called the property manger and she said that they'll call me back soon and set up a time when a plumber could come. I waited a week but didn't hear anything. When I called a second time she was totally annoyed and said that the plumber was busy and "we'd have to be patient" two more weeks went by and I sent a polite but rather stern email explaining the fact that it's unacceptable to not have a functioning toilet for three weeks and to please arrange a plumber ASAP. It's been an additional week and I guess my email is simply being ignored. What avenues can I pursue now to make sure this problem is fixed? Is there some sort of government or city (Leipzig) entity that I can file a complaint with? Am I entitled at some point to hire my own plumber and deduct the amount from my rent? I'm also concerned about the amount of water being wasted. I'm pretty sure I'll be billed eventually for the amount of water used in my 'Nebenkosten' although I haven't yet gone through my lease with a fine-tooth comb. This is really frustrating and it would be amazing if someone could give me a bit of advice, thanks!
  2. K thanks all - looks like doing this through a payroll company is the way to go, I'm glad it's not gonna be super complicated.
  3. Hi there! My wife and I have been living in Germany for over a year now, recently she was offered a job by her old company in NYC. The job would be permanent, full-time and completely remote. Is there a way to structure things so that she can accept this job and pay into 'the German system' while working for a company based in the US? So far I've read a bit about potentially setting up a subsidiary, or perhaps using a payroll service so that she technically works for a Germany company that's reimbursed by the company she works for? What about being 'self employed' here in Germany? The job would be fairly lucrative and the company would probably be willing to incur some costs to set it up the right way in order to make it work. Have no clue where to start or who to talk to - any help massively appreciated!    PS I have a German passport so we have no concerns/questions regarding visas/etc.