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  1. Ok thanks for the info great to know! Luckily, this doesn't need to happen overnight - we have plenty of time to plan it. The renunciation though seems kinda scary - she should've just kept her German passport and Green Card I guess.
  2. Thanks everyone for the help so far - yes she was a German citizen until 1988 when she naturalized and became American. She lived in Germany from age 0-3 I believe - her mother is still alive and she went back to Germany to live on multiple occasions and still retained her German citizenship until pretty recently. I would assume that she would've stayed with the same KK over the years and my grandmother would still know which one it was. In terms of "proving it" I'm not sure anyone has any records...   And my mom speaks German yes.   I'm guessing the thing to do here is to find out which KK she belonged to and consult with them? What's the visa process, if for-the-sake-of-argument she was insurable? Also - she still works part-time in the US...if she got a job for a year or two in Germany would she qualify for health insurance that way like a younger person would?
  3. Thanks for the info - would it help if she was already insured in Germany? She must've been through her family as a young kid, she was also a German citizen until she naturalized in the US in the 80's...
  4. Hi there, I'm a German citizen currently residing in Germany with my wife and child. My mother (US citizen) currently lives in the US and we'd like to have her move in with us as her financial situation is relatively tight and she's getting up there in years. Is it possible for me to get her a visa to live here in Germany. I've researched this quite a bit and it looks possible but there's really no specific info as far as I can tell. If it makes a difference, she was born and spent the first 3 years of her life here. Can anyone offer guidance? Thanks!! 
  5.   Thanks its been a nightmare finding a place to stay though - we're going for a wedding with a 9 month old baby and there isn't a single hotel or (decent) Airbnb anywhere near the city for under 200 euros for that weekend.
  6. Is there some type consumer protection agency or "small claims" court equivalent here in Germany? Do I have any recourse beyond asking TUI, who refuse to cancel the reservation?
  7.   Thanks for the info - what's really strange is that the people I've contacted at TUI basically refuse to admit that this hotel doesn't exist lol. I could try to get my CC company to block the charge but I think that that'll mean that they'll just send me a bill anyway and it could turn into a bigger leagal issue or something...
  8. Hi there - wife and I booked four nights in Wash DC in a particular Marriott hotel through the TUI booking website. We've since found out that this hotel was closed awhile back and now a different hotel that is in no way affiliated with the old one stands in it's place. I've gone back and forth with TUI per email and phone now for like a week and they refuse to admit that the hotel isn't what we booked and they are going to bill me for the entire stay despite us saying that we don't want to stay there. The hotel on our booking confirmation clearly says "Courtyard Marriott DC Dupont Circle" and the hotel we are actually booked at has a completely different name and is not associated in any way with Marriott. What recourse do we have when they bill us to get our money back? Kind of at a loss here and completely frustrated, thanks!