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  1. K thanks all - looks like doing this through a payroll company is the way to go, I'm glad it's not gonna be super complicated.
  2. Hi there! My wife and I have been living in Germany for over a year now, recently she was offered a job by her old company in NYC. The job would be permanent, full-time and completely remote. Is there a way to structure things so that she can accept this job and pay into 'the German system' while working for a company based in the US? So far I've read a bit about potentially setting up a subsidiary, or perhaps using a payroll service so that she technically works for a Germany company that's reimbursed by the company she works for? What about being 'self employed' here in Germany? The job would be fairly lucrative and the company would probably be willing to incur some costs to set it up the right way in order to make it work. Have no clue where to start or who to talk to - any help massively appreciated!    PS I have a German passport so we have no concerns/questions regarding visas/etc.