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  1. If I am a ‘live in landlord’ what bills am I entitled to claim back on my tax return when declaring my rental income?  i live in my flat and this year took in two housemates who pay rent. I pay all bills directly in the Flat: Internet, Gasag, Vattenfall; Hausverwaltung. In 2019 there were some months with only two of us, some months with 3 of us. Should I claim only for the share that the other one or two housemates use and that I pay on their behalf? Or can I include the whole bill even though I benefit from it because I live there too?  The same question applies to the Hauswerwaltung. My housemates (tenants) are my friends and just pay a lump sum that is almost a made up number, a flat fee for them. So there is not specific cold or warm rent breakdown.  Should I retrospectively create a more solid contract and ‘make up’ a cold rent price? The monthly Hasgeld costs are 239€ total. Can I submit 450€ per room as cold rent, and then just claim the entire €239 of the hausgeld?