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  1. Hello, I have one tariff offer.    After usage internet of 2GB at LTE, O2 throttles it to 1Mbps speed on 3G network.   Anyone has an experience with O2 internet with 1Mbps speed?   Can i watch Youtube smoothly on this speed?   Before i sign the contract i need to know your experience.   Thank you!
  2. Dirty water coming from bathroom sink

      Now I have observed, those are my hairs, not the pipe joint. There are exactly same when I clean tub water outlet. Disgusting.   Is this backflow? What is this? How can I get rid of this?  
  3. Dirty water coming from bathroom sink

    Thank @AlexTr and @franklan. Answers are really helpful.   But, all answers are about how can I HIDE or FILTER the dirt.   But my concern is, isn't it a serious health issue that dirt is coming through and I am filtering it to use for mouthwash? I use kitchen tap water as drinking water. What are chances that same is not happening with kitchen tap as well?   What should I do make sure I get clean water through the tap of the bathroom! 
  4. Hello All,   I have very strange and disgusting problem.   Today small filter of tap suddenly fell down. And what I see is the bunch of dirty hairs that It filtered.  Still, there are some short hairs sticking inside the outlet of the tap (yaak :() I can not understand where these are coming from??  I want to observe and solve the issue on my own first. I don't want to complain and disturb house owner unnecessarily.  What can be the cause and ways to solve?   I have attached the picture.