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  1. Getting back my Kaution

    Hi all, I rented an apartment through an agency (called Home Company), but I paid the Kaution and the rent directly to the landlord. When the contract ended I was supposed to meet with the agency to give them back the keys but we couldn't find a time that will be good for both so they asked me to give the keys directly to the new tenant (I know him). When they met with him, he told me that they said I left the apartment dirty or whatever and that I should have taken their cleaning company. In my opinion the apartment was perfectly clean, though it's true I didn't take any professional cleaning service.   Anyway, they didn't say anything about it to me - only directly to him. Now I'm afraid that when I ask for my Kaution back they will "remember" and tell me that they will first deduct money for cleaning services from it. As it is the new tenant is already there for 3 months now and I still didn't ask for my money back.   If I ask for it now, can they still use my money for cleaning? (I mean, obviously the apartment is not in the shape it was now as what it was when I gave the keys back, they can't prove how it was then - I know they didn't take any pictures or anything). If I wait for 3 more months, I think they are obligated by law to pay me the money back, can they still deduct anything from it then?   Thanks!