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  1. Good day everyone!   I read lots of posts on here and just need a bit more guidance.   Long story short, I have a family of four (that's including me) so wife and two kids. We all live in the states and are citizens. We want to move to Germany. I might have a potential job offer from a family member and they are offering to pay 2,000euro/month GROSS.    With that being said, I have read that for a family of four you would have to receive NETTO 1,900-2,200 to get a family reunification visa granted. Is this true? I would really like a link that is official that has some sort of information on this and or some table that shows these figures.   Also, I will have more than enough money on savings to cover all of our expenses for a few months so does that help? Finally, does anybody know what is the timeline to process family reunification visa for citizens from the states? Does one first have to wait and get six pay stubs and the apply or does this not matter as long as you have the money and place to bring them?   I'd really appreciate the help!!