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  1. Three-word story

    Worse than a
  2. Three-word story

    My extra large
  3. Mold on bedroom walls

    The landlord wants to keep the deposit, so they have set you a task, probably knowing that you are leaving the country in a few days, a shitty thing to do for sure.    
  4. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    Keefy, watch out those bats don't flutter to close.
  5. Berliner call that Shop   Eisen Adolph.
  6. Construction company damaged my flat

    Often German builders are incredibly clumsy, they fix one thing and break 3 other things in the process. What happened ? Looks like they drilled right through the wall when securing the scaffolding, the radiator will have to be removed to repair the plaster, im sure the rental company will soon be in touch, from the photo it's obvious the damage was not caused by you. When the plumber comes I hope they don't create a Wasserschaden.
  7. Coronavirus

  8. COVID-19 and Berlin‘s nightlife

    Herr Schnitzel it's lovely that you are so worried, when I read your posts I imagine you almost  hyperventilating, SO36 will survive, I have known that club for around 20 years, yes before social media campaigns existed, they have come under pressure for various reasons in the past and managed to keep going, the people that live around Oranienstrasse are kind of stubborn and inventive with a make do and mend mentality, that has seen them through up until now, if I am wrong and SO closes its doors for ever there's always Franken over the road , when corona has calmed down and the bar is open again  we can drink a beer if you want.
  9. COVID-19 and Berlin‘s nightlife

    Berlin was famous for it's hedonistic night life before WW2, the city was flattened, and like a phoenix from the ashes the clubs and bars came back, Berlin may not be able to build an airport, but when it comes to having a good time the Berliners are an unstoppable force of nature, things may change but it could become exciting all over again.
  10. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

    Give up butter, eat oats every day, use olive oil, increase the amount of oily fish in your diet , along with beans, any type. The cholesterol numbers will come crashing down, way under 200. it's that simple.  
  11. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

    The contract to buy the land to build the Tesla factory on, has still not been signed. On Saturday the locals in Grünheide , will protest against the building of the factory, they are concerned about possible problems with groundwater in the area after the build.  It would be great for this part of Brandenburg and Berlin to have Tesla, I don't think it will happen.
  12. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    When Harry was a fairly young child, he was made to walk for miles through the streets of London , behind his mothers coffin, with the world watching, he has now shown a huge middle finger, to the people who forced him to do that. I would do the same.