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  1. Corona hearing in fine proceedings.

    It's a typo, she meant to say flirty.
  2. Coronavirus

    That's a good idea, if all German based Americans follow your example, then the rest of us will be bumped up the waiting list.
  3. Untrue (Alternative) facts

    It's not ok to come on line and say that someone passed away, when they didn't.
  4. Alternatives to Einbürgerungstest/Leben in Deutschland Test?

    Wouldn't permanent residence be an option for you ? Why dual citizenship, or do you honestly feel half German after your six years here, what are the pros and cons.  
  5. Trades-people in Germany

    I think it is party because these tradespeople often work in rental propertys and most renters simply don't care in the same way that a home owner does. By the way drinking beer in Bamberg while working isn't seen as drinking on the job,it's normal, it wasn't that long ago up here in Berlin the brewery delivered crates of beer directly  to the building site.
  6. The 2020 US Presidential candidates

    November the 5th and short trousers ! Wow that brought back some memories, I had the same experience in the early 70s, trudging through the stinging nettles in the dark to a freezing cold field, where the local fire brigade set of a few rockets. I put on my first pair of long trousers when I was 7, I remember thinking this is how it must have been in a suit of armor.