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  1. Rules of the road for cyclists

    Two days ago München, yesterday Leipzig, today Berlin, when are Trucks turning right going to stop running cyclists over ?   
  2. FFS

    I'll second peanut butter, oatcakes, and big bags of Alpen Müsli, and  summer lighting beer.
  3. Why are you happy today?

    Over by the boarder with CZ. and Österreich, this time, but I also know the areas around Bad Tölz and Oberstdorf , close to Oberstdorf was the first time I stood next to a ski jump and realised that those guys must be crazy.
  4. Why are you happy today?

    I was in Bayern for several days a couple of weeks ago snow shoeing it through the mountains with a friend and his dog, you are correct Jeremy, it is truly beautiful ! 
  5. Water damage in self-owned flat

    Happened to me too a few years back, you need to get some heavy duty driers in in your kitchen ASAP , in my case the Hausverwaltung arranged that. Make sure the the drying machines have an independent electric meter, to count the electricity they are using, you don't need to pay that , your neighbors do , it will run into the high hundreds €€€. For now empty the room open windows, throw away the wet stuff. When I go away for more than a night or two I always turn my water off at the mains , I don't know why others leave theirs on.
  6. Life in Kaiserslautern for single people

    I have never been to those two places, but I appreciate your somewhat random blurted out and straight to the point review .
  7. Worst bus route in Berlin

    You mean shout first, don't think at all.
  8. Worst bus route in Berlin

    I don't use the BVG bus that often, however this morning I jumped on the bus 104, said hallo to the driver, put down my €5 note on the little tray , and asked for a single ticket, the driver immediately shouted at me that he wasn't going to accept my fiver because it looked to old, I said that it's a perfectly ordinary €5 note and that I wanted to pay, he shouted back that he had also been to school , That I should give him some type of other money and if I had a problem then I should phone the BVG. I thought for a second, how to react, smiling inwardly I gave him a rather new looking €20 note, he was fuming and had to give me almost all of his change, as I turned to find a seat , he once again shouted at the top of his voice, that I shouldn't  expect him to say thank you. The Berlin bus drivers have a bad reputation and it is sometimes justified.