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  1. Eigenbedarf notice was given to two separate tenants that used to live in my building, in both cases they managed to drag the situation out over 10 years, so if your aim is to stay put until the end 2022 that would seem doable , however things may work differently here in Berlin.
  2. Jokes

    The Rolling Stones are on tour end of the 80’s in the USA, after a show their manager shouts, hey Ron ,Keith, the police are here, as quickly as possible they start flushing their gear down the toilet, as the last tablet disappears round the U bend , there’s a knock at the dressing room door and in walk Stewart Copeland and Sting.
  3. Perhaps her 30 second chat was more interesting and simply had more of an impact than your mid sized school C1 cert, your  know it all / bitter, combination is so sad sometimes.  
  4. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    Same for me, we must have both gotten the Kochsalzlösung.
  5. Today I did something stupid

    In Berlin that's no problem, you can simply throw your old glass on the pavement like everyone else does, if it's a bank holiday or not makes no difference.
  6. What's got you flummoxed today?

    John, out of all your stories ramblings and memories, that is my favorite so far ! The world was a different place back then.