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  1. What made you laugh today?

    Outwitted by the locals, I like that, round here the cops seem to spend most of their time eating at the fleischer before waddling back to the station.
  2. Berlin ranks among top global cities

    In the nine years it took you to post your report things have not improved.
  3. Rules of the road for cyclists

    Two days ago München, yesterday Leipzig, today Berlin, when are Trucks turning right going to stop running cyclists over ?   
  4. FFS

    I'll second peanut butter, oatcakes, and big bags of Alpen Müsli, and  summer lighting beer.
  5. Why are you happy today?

    Over by the boarder with CZ. and Österreich, this time, but I also know the areas around Bad Tölz and Oberstdorf , close to Oberstdorf was the first time I stood next to a ski jump and realised that those guys must be crazy.
  6. Why are you happy today?

    I was in Bayern for several days a couple of weeks ago snow shoeing it through the mountains with a friend and his dog, you are correct Jeremy, it is truly beautiful !