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  1. "Scheinselbständigkeit" and German pension system

    Hi, this is my 1st post, i want to start off by saying a special  thank you to @PandaMunich. I have emailed her a few times in recent weeks and has been very generous with the information given and has always replied back the next day. To Cut a very long story short, i have a german partner ( been together 6 years in january) however the last few years its been long distance as she had to go back to Germany to finish her degree off ( financially made sense , no student loan etc !) She recently left UK again as now has a school teacher placement starting in january that will last 2 years to fully finish her degree off. My job in the UK is now fully 100% remote based since covid hit, and my work have said it's fine to work overseas next year as they know my circumstances, however they have zero ties to Germany, and it doesn't look like they want to entertain the a1/s1 route of being a posted worker, the only option they have given me is to resign from my position and become a consultant/freelancer. i have read all the posts in the group so i'm aware that this looks like bogus/tax dodging and you can request a exception for 3 years. I've tried to work out how much i would actually earn if i took this route.  I only earn very average, £30500 a year before tax , so something like £2540 a month before tax. After all deductions its £1940 that goes into my bank each month  and i receive some expenses for TV & internet on top of this separately  so i  get just under 2k.I do get a yearly bonus but i reckon complete longshot after covid ! I would still be getting paid in sterling so obviously exchange rate will fluctuate, and maybe i could request the extra money my company would pay in national insurance for me on top. Am i able to claim certain expenses like using my room in my flat for a office etc? If anyone could give me some advice on what i would need to pay out and the costs. From my calculations i would get roughly 1.8k euros a month basing on getting 34keuros a year before tax etc Any advice would be appreciated and if anyone has recommendations on a german tax lawyer that might be able to help ( unfortunately panda is to busy with her own clients to take anymore on, but again thank you for your help so far) Rik