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  1. Noise pollution where the source is unknown

    Sorry to say this, but from experience, that's usually the worst course of action - if they actually care about other people, they won't be playing music so loudly that someone from 3 stories above would hear them in the wee hours of the morning.
  2. Noise pollution where the source is unknown

    Yikes! I'm glad I don't live near one... Though there's one opening in the area soon. I need to look it up.    Though the industriegebiet is just right nearby, it's still considered a mischgebiet... Right???
  3. Noise pollution where the source is unknown

    Update!    Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I found the source of one of the music. The other one is coming from the industrial area (I already theorized it could be basic industry noise, so I didn't bother looking into it, plus it doesn't bother me half as much), but the one that's constantly waking me up at five in the morning is coming from downstairs. I thought it'd be from the industry area because that's how it sounds from my apt (weird, I guess,but that's acoustics for you - small studio apt). Someone's using it as a band studio or something. It probably bothers my neighbours more than it bothers me, and I think I'm actually really curious what the end product would be, because it does sound pretty epic on certain days.   Also explains why my wall sometimes vibrates, and the pipes, too.   I'm not sure what to do, because prior to this he wasn't really the only one who's loud here, so... ??? I have no idea if complaining would make things worse. Plus, I actually like this music, and if I had to choose between other forms of noise pollution and this, I'd choose this.   What'd be the right thing to do??
  4. Noise pollution where the source is unknown

    I know there are occasions where it could be well-meaning. And I do know enough about abnormal psychology to have considered it.   I have tinnitus too. It's the first thing I consider. And it's also why earplugs don't help, unless I want to listen to music with headphones every night, further ruining my ears.   It's just that I lived for a while in a place with constant parties where loudness was the norm where you could hear sh*t in the wee hours with the best earplugs you have, so I'm sick of people telling me it might be just me, when I have objective and rational methods to determine whether or not something is happening.
  5. Noise pollution where the source is unknown

    I have considered this, and tinnitus. I don't think either are the cause.    Thanks everyone for the comments and additional viewpoints. I've learnt new things today. :)
  6. I'm using o2 at the moment. I have checked the price for the models, they were pretty high end as I recall - 7490 Fritzbox is about 170. Since I'm not using XL, I went with this suggestion. You could just look up their models on Saturn or something, I suppose.
  7. Noise pollution where the source is unknown

    I would prefer not to, since I don't plan on staying here for the long term. Thanks everyone for the suggestion.
  8. Hi all,    I've tried looking through the threads, sorry if it is a duplicate.    The thing is, well, I live in a quiet-ish industry area. There's more or less continual noise from the neighbouring area, but I can't figure out where the source of the noise is from. It's a bit difficult to describe, as well. It's the same kind of music, and it's diffuse enough on the ground level that it just sounds like background industrial noise. I checked it out today because it's sunday and has been mostly quiet today. It only started at 9pm and will last through the night. I tried to follow the noise, but it just leads down to another street and I can't really head there because it'd be a very long walk with no bus. (Yes, I considered that it could be just me, but if it was just me it wouldn't follow actual physical laws such as line of sight.)   Yesterday early in the morning (think 3-4am), there was even the sound of drums.    From my apartment, it doesn't sound that loud, but it is definitely clear that it is music, sometimes with vocals. Because it pretty much goes on every night, regardless of Ruhezeiten, it's been getting really frustrating and is causing sleep problems. I do prefer to sleep with my windows open, because it's just a small apartment and gets really stuffy especially in the summer. I think sound travels in a weird way, i.e. noise will get blocked on the street but there is likely a line of sight from that place to my apartment.  I use earplugs pretty much every night and am ordering a white noise machine so that I can sleep and focus on my studies.   I have called the police once, but I don't think they did anything because it's still continuing, and my German isn't good enough to explain to them the concrete situation. I've heard that calling the police too much can make them think I'm the one who's the problem.   My biggest concern is also that I can't prove to anyone because it's diffuse enough to not be properly recorded down on a mobile phone. At this rate, even if I complained to the town council or the police, I won't be taken seriously.   Any suggestions about how I can find out the source of the noise?   Is there anything that I can do about this without having to mietmindern? I'm getting a pretty good deal with my apartment, and my landlady seemed pretty nice, so I don't really want to bother her too much.