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  1. Hello, sorry if this has been already asked. I have been in Germany for 1.5 years and the health insurance is still very confusing :/   When I first began my studies here (I am non eu) I was paying around 90/month for TK public health insurance. After I started working a mini-job (15 hour per week & less then 450) these payments stopped & my employer was covering them. Then, I got a new job at my university (8 hours per week) & 1 month later I quit the other mini-job to start a new job at 20 hours a week. I thought that because I was working as a student assistant, this job didn't count but appartently it did according to TK. Anyway, my insurance was paid by employer during the time I had the student assistant job & regular 20/hr week job. (total of 28 hours, wk) Now I am being charged 90/per month again while only working the main job 20/hr per week (over 450 euro/month) I am confused because I thought if you made over 450 your employer paid the contributions, and under 450 you covered the payments? Does it not go by salary? I have tried to get this resolved by calling both my insurance & employer, and they have been no help in explaining this.