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  1. Apostile

    Dear All,    I have got the   Führungszeugnis  from the Rathaus in Norderstedt. Now i need to do an apostile for this document.    Can someone guide me the procedure how to get the   Führungszeugnis  apostile done in Hamburg.    Regards, Thaddeus  
  2. Class B - Driving - Theory Test

    no idea u can check with your fahrschule. 
  3. House Construction Companies

    Dear All,    Has anyone experience in constructing  a house with the below company  I visisted their model house but all i found that they are good in the sales and talking part. There was no one from the technical side to discuss.    I also found another company  and visisted them too. They have technical staff who walked me through all details of the construction.    The 1st company is since 40 years in germany but there are not good google reviewes. The 2nd one has good reviews.   I wanted to know if anyone has experience with either of these companies and could share their experience on the same.    Regards, Thads.    
  4. Hi all,    I tried for the 2nd time to pass the theory test but failed - 6 questions out of 30 wrong. I wonder how to pass the test.    Getting really tired of re-appearing.   Any tips?   Im using the fahrschule card app only. There is no help from the driving school as they only speak german and me only english. And i cannot wait till i learn fluent german.