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  1. 1. Carry on not smoking. Two months now, and I hope to never touch another cigarette again.

    2. Buy another sports car. What I have is fun and quick and all of that shit, but I want a proper car again.

    3. Accept the inevitable, carry on with Facebook and quit TT instead.


    So it's goodbye from Jimbo, and goodbye from me and a happy new year to you all.


    Peace out.



    One of my fave journalists - one who actually reports the truth, is Dave Mcgowan. He writes extensively about 9/11. He is witty, brave

    and his arguments that 9/11 was an inside job are very compelling. He has a website called Center for an Informed America.

    I haven't heard from him in a while. Hope he is OK.


    Hope he's OK? If he's stupid enough to think that 9/11 was an inside job he obviously wasn't OK already - in fact I'd say he's seriously delusional.


  3. It's not just about WHAT you study, but the fact that you do study. Yes, of course, drinking, drugs, sex, rock n roll are all fun, but there's a huge amount of learning being done at the same time, and not just about particle physics or beauty therapy or the history of art, but also about life and oneself.


    And charging 9 grand a year for the privilege sticks in my throat when I only came through the system 10 years ago and didn't pay a penny, despite Mum and Dad being reasonably well off (and only having to pay for me, as an only child).


    Anyway, point is, university is, in my view, almost a universally worthwhile experience irrespective of the degree chosen.


    And before you ask, yes, you're right, I'm a smart motherfucker... ;)


  4. In a word 'no'. Nowhere near conclusive I'm afraid and you can explain that away in a million different ways - that's circumstantial evidence at best and if it things really were THAT clear cut that half the internet has noted it, do you think this would be the charge they'd be pursuing? Credit the establishment with some nouse.



    Er... what happened to one law for all? Besides, 'rape' is a very strong word for what he is actually accused of...

    No it's not - he's been accused of rape. The accusation, as I understand it, is that she asked him to stop and he continued. Which ticks all the boxes for rape, certainly under English law. However, I'd accept that these charges aren't quite clear at present - presumably they will become so as this moves on.



    Wikileaks founder Julian Assange refused bail


    Oh and forget using your VISA card for donations Wikileaks' Visa payments suspended, luckily I got my 2nd donation in the other day


    Yeah, phew, you might not be on the CIA's watch-list otherwise.



    Sad. Never thought that a rape 'allegation' would take you close to the top of the interpol list. If cases related to consensual/unconsensual sex are at the top of the interpol's list, I say get it disbanded


    Underlying issue is about change: anyone trying to upset the govermnment-industrial-military complex status quo gets railroaded - there is so much investment in maintaining status-quo. In general, I would believe that transparency plays a significant role in preventing bad events, and going after whistleblowers is not our proudest moment.


    Yeah, rape, eh? I mean, get over it ladies, it's just sex afterall...Jesus!


  7. The Met didn't HAVE to arrest him, but it would be considered terribly bad form if they didn't - Britian would certainly expect the Stockholm police to arrest a wanted man accused of rape if they were able to find him. The trickier part is for the Swedish to convince an English judge that there's a legitimate case to answer.


    England has a drawn-out extradition process and a very active media and so I daresay it's no accident that he found himself on these shores. I actually know some of the people on his legal team and suffice it to say, they know their stuff...


  8. Kick his fucking thieving little fucking face off becaue that's what he deserves. Yeah that's right - HURT the sonofabitch. I mean leaving a bike, a FUCKING BIKE, in a hitherto completely unused parking space? The son of a BITCH! Jesus God. The OP must have an IQ of 240. God damn, I think he's a genius for getting so wound up about this.


    I'd probably just ignore it to be honest.



    Dunno, they might smell sort of similar.


    I've been alright for the last couple of days, but I'm getting a bit choked up at the minute. Best stop that right now. Stiff upper lip eh. "Boys Don't Cry" as The Cure once said. Mind you, boys don't often wear a shitload of mascara either do they, Robert bloody Smith. You look like a fucking emo panda, you muppet, so don't you go about telling me when I can or cannot bloody cry.


    I got told I was 'emotional' the other night after recounting your story and being a bit choked up whilst doing so. I was then asked last night if I saw you as my 'Big brother'. I told her to fuck off and punched her in the face. Stupid cow. She's also a vegetarian.


    On the upside she loves fucking massive dogs, so I'll be looking to hang on to her in the hope that I too, can have a fucking massive dog just like my big bro... Ah, forget it.


  10. As I've said earlier in the week and as has been said above, you are doing the right thing, difficult though it is mate.


    For those who aren't lucky enough to know Don Riina as well as I do, I can only say that I know he has done an awful lot of soul-searching about this - surely the most difficult decision a dog-owner ever has to take and one that, in many ways, will never seem the right choice no matter which way you go, and one which I know weighs heavy on Don's mind.


    Don - I shall be drinking with Stu and Jamie tonight mate, and I'll make sure a glass is raised by the three of us.


    Alla salute di Korrus.


    Edit: Ahem, if you'll excuse me I think I have something in my eye...