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  1. Alternative names for Toytown

    After a couple of beers, Hazza and I were discussing where else we could take the web-based phenomenon that is Toytown - here's what we came up with:   Boytown - (Hazza's idea) - this would be a sort of gay version of Toytown really - obviously Fusilli, Drivin' West and the Dutch contingent would be allowed to stay, but everybody else, unless they could prove they were gay, would have to go…   Joytown - Not that dis-similar to Boytown this one - again it's bound to have a lot of gay members. What Joytown is all about is a community made up exclusively of happy people - rather than a 'Native English Speakers Only' policy as we have here on TT, we'll have a 'No Miserable Fuckers' policy - that means the Scottish, Irish and Welsh will be automatically excluded, as well as the Germans, English, French, Spanish and Americans. In fact only Australians and gay Italians will be al-lowed to join - moderating this policy might be a tough job.   Roytown - An online community for people called Roy, or people who would like information about what it's like to be called Roy. Anybody can join, but unless you can prove an enthusiasm for the name "Roy", you'll be banned from posting.   Troytown - similar to Roytown, except for people called Troy.   Oitown - This is a community of people who enjoy making outrageous statements, or enjoy shouting 'Oi!' at other people for making outrageous statements. The moderators will post a fresh anti-American statement every day for all the Americans to shout 'Oi!' at, thus allowing the English to shout 'Oi!' back at the Americans for their blatant flag waving.   Soytown - an online community of vegans. Exercises a strict 'Vegan only Policy' and anybody found discussing meat will be banned.   Coytown - an online community of very shy people. This online community has the highest membership of all, yet precisely no posts whatsoever. Nobody even communicates via PM - the whole site just sits on the internet like a huge redundant telephone exchange. Occasionally online vandals find the site and start posting abuse - the moderators don't say anything though as they're too shy. Anybody can join, but remember to always sign on anonymously so nobody knows you're there.   Any more great business ideas out there???   P.S. It's very, very. very quiet at work today, so I thought I might as well write this up…