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  1. I scoured the internet for some opinions on this but couldn't find any reasonable answers, so I'm back to the most reliable place for all things German bureaucracy/regulations.    I have completed my Master obligations (haven't officially graduated yet) from a state-recognized university in Germany and am therefore eligible to apply for the 18-month job-seeker visa. However, I am in two minds - I've already started a full-time job with an unlimited contract, so is it more advisable to apply for a Job Seeker or a Work Permit straightaway?    The Job Seeker is more appealing at the moment because I don't know if I will stay with this job for very long. The Job Seeker allows the flexibility to switch jobs with no impact on my resident status. The way I understand it, this is a little harder/trickier to do on a Work Permit - is that correct?     The downside of the Job Seeker is that the definition for 'means of livelihood' is ambiguous. I do not have €8.000+ saved up in my konto to show I can provide for myself for 18 months (nor do I want to stick that kind of money in an account for this reason), but I do have a contract for a well-paying job - will this suffice as 'means of livelihood'? And can I actually apply for Job Seeker even if I already have a job in hand?    If you have a similar experience, please help me out - I'll be very thankful!    
  2. Full time employment contract on student visa

    @engelchen I have a similar situation - I'm hoping you can help with your expertise a bit. I am on the last term of my master which is supposed to be a 3-month pflichtpraktikum. From the school's perspective I can trade this in for a full-time job, which is precisely what I want to do. I have offers from 3 companies for a full-time role that starts from the date on which I should start my pflichtpraktikum. It is not clear to me if I can sign any of these contracts while still on my student visa. My visa allows me 120 full/240 half days of work a year and I have enough work days left to see out the period of the pflichtpraktikum. Can I sign the contract and then apply for either a job-seeker or a work permit soon as I have completed my obligations to the master (which is when the school will be able to furnish me with an official document stating the same) - this way, unforeseen circumstances aside, I will still be able to change my residence status before my working days quota is up.    Another aspect to consider is whether I can sign the contract and already apply for a work permit before completing my master - if I understand correctly, this is also possible to do if I have a degree from a foreign university comparable to a German Hochschule qualification (my school has a H+ rating and my degree a A3 - which I understand is sufficient). Moreover, I also have 5+ years of relevant work experience to show for.    The worst case scenario is that I ask the companies to offer me 2 separate contracts - one for a 3 month pflichtpraktikum and another for a full-time role that becomes active after the 3 month period. This would compromise my leverage to demand the same salary for the months of pflichtpraktikum, which are not subject to minimum wage and hence not a favorable option.   I have been to the ABH today and they were not willing to give me any conclusive advice - which I already anticipated because in essence what we are talking about is gaming the system.    I'm also very curious to understand what is the meaning of "Approval by the Federal Employment Agency (if applicable)" - like when is this required and when is it not? There's no clear indication on this and lots of sources report contrasting information.    I know this is very specific and in detail but if you can offer any insights, I would be very grateful.