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  1. Believe me im very aware of that, and im working on it I have submitted the papers yesterday to the Ausländeramt and will wait for their reply.    Thank you guys @someonesdaughter @alderhill appreciate the time and help
  2. §18 Abs. 4 S.1   Okay, from what I can gather, Even if i have the a work permit (§18) and i would like to do some additional consultancy/freelance work, i must change my visa to a 'freiberufliche Tätigkeit'?   Is there a limit to what i can earn from the one client I have? And how can much more taxes will I be liable for?
  3. Thank you   @someonesdaughter appreciate taking the time, thank you.
  4. Hello community. I read through the various posts on this community regarding my questions, but non seem to be exactly relevant.   So i have a part-time 20hr/week employment contract in a university. I am a non-EU member with a residence permit.   I was offered some consultancy work of 20hr/week for some company. My employer at the university knows about it and doesn't mind it.   I already pay taxes and health insurance and rentensvrsicherung and all other -sicherungs etc.   I asked a person at the Aüslanderamt, from what i can gather she said that i need to bring the freelance contract detailing the hours to work and how much money i will make with them, and send these papers to the Ministry of Employment(?) for approval.   Before submitting those papers i wanted to understand the procedure and its effects? Im aware i will be paying more taxes but how much? is there a limit to what i can earn with that company?   Also anyone know here i can find a steuerberater in Bonn who is willing to deal with with English (my German is Kaput :))?
  5. Thanks for the reply.  I have to mention that i am paying my social security, health insurance etc. through my job already.   So the main problem is that it might be in breach of the 40 hour work visa? Cant i be considered a freelancer in addition to the university job?
  6. I don't know why the more i read about this the more i get confused. Apologies if this is a redundant question.   My situation is as follows:   I am a non-EU citizen currently working in Germany with a 20 hour job contract in a university and another 20 hours paid for by a scholarship for my phd, this completes my 40 hours allowed work week.   I have a friend in Britain who wants to hire me to work on a side project on my own time at home. Since I already have 40 hours of work per week, i was considering the option of opening a consultancy company in Britain, which my friend can hire and pay me through. The company can be opened in Britain without having British residency, and should not be a problem (legal and taxable).   Does this company and whatever money i make from it has to be declared to German authorities? Does it conflict with any German rules? IS there any other options that i have disregarded?   I read the thread here, https://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/topic/357816-full-time-employed-and-side-jobincomes/ but it seems to be slightly different than my current situation.   Any help is deeply appreciated.