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  1. Simple Ethernet port -> WiFi question

    Hey, i didn't say it was terrible lol, i just asked why's the upload almost as double as the download, i only knew that in ADSL, the up speed is half of what you get for down.
  2. Simple Ethernet port -> WiFi question

    Remembered to remove the plastic around the antennas, now its 350Mbps , still don't understand why's the upload so good yet the download is worse! 
  3. Simple Ethernet port -> WiFi question

      Im actually renting it from o2 and will return it upon contract resignation, cuz, why pay for two internets, especially when the dorms' much faster
  4. Simple Ethernet port -> WiFi question

    Okay, big yikes here, i went to the router portal and set up everything, connected my devices to the 5GHz network and the results are disappointing to say the least:    Any ideas what could i have missed?!
  5. Simple Ethernet port -> WiFi question

    The C80 1900 just arrived, plugged in the ethernet cable in the WAN port, got WLAN directly, but the speed is horrible 90 down/ 80 up I remember something about connecting to the 5GHz, i just didn't get the option, must be something that i need to setup myself
  6. Simple Ethernet port -> WiFi question

    Thank you all for your contributions! As a matter of fact i think i will place conveniency over budget here since i would like to avoid having multiple devices and cables hanging around, therefore i'm trying TP-Link's Archer C80 AC1900, will post the speed results once it's set up 
  7. Simple Ethernet port -> WiFi question

    So now i would need two routers? sorry im just getting a bit confused with the comments. bear in mind that i will be returning the Fritzbox and i don't have another router. just the Anschlussdose and a single Ethernet RJ45 cable.
  8. Simple Ethernet port -> WiFi question

      That seems like the perfect solution that i'm looking for, AC1900 looks good, that means i just plug my ethernet cable in the blue WAN port and connect my devices to the 5GHz connection? :)
  9. Simple Ethernet port -> WiFi question

    I highly appreciate your help Space Cowboy! Weirdly enough i have set this up before but didn't realize i'd need it for my own place too. Im thinking a Ubiquiti WAP, Netgear GS305 Gigabit and of couple of these patchcables Do you think this configuration would still generate something close to 1Gig up/down or could it be significantly lower? Cheers
  10. I live in a student dormitory where they provide a plug-play ethernet wall socket (RJ45 Anschlussdose), i use a USB-C Hub to plug it into my Laptop and the speed is impressive (1Gbps download/upload speeddemon), nevertheless, i would like to have it available as Wi-Fi too for my phone & other devices, im not very familiar with how routers/modems work but i tried using a Fritzbox 7490 and plugging it anywhere there doesn't generate Wi-Fi (x4 LAN ports and some phone ports, and a DSL port that i won't be using). My question is what router/modem do i need to generate Wi-Fi without losing much download-upload speed, even expensive modem advices are welcome, just something that is easy to setup and guaranteed. Cheers
  11. o2 Kombi-Vorteil, any good ?

    Dear all,   o2 customer service i was in contact with barely knew any english and literally had to bring a new girl on her first day who spoke some english to explain to me how o2 Kombi Vorteil works. nevertheless i still have no clue what im getting myself into. I have a mobile Tarif contract for 2 years and a Flex DSL contract which can be cancelled every month. I pay 20€ monthly for the mobile and 35€ for the dsl, as a student, i feel like im paying too much They advertised that this Kombo will save me 25 Euros and for that i have to pay a one time fee of 49,99€ , i get a new simcard too. I still have 14 days to renounce it. So my question is: does anyone of you have this Tarif? and could you please explain it to me?   Cheers