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  1. Thats one of the top things i love about Germany, i like cold weather and hate hot weather  
  2. Well i visited Munich 3 times the longest time was for 1 month for work... i think you will call me crazy if i told you that i found it boring almost everything close at 8 and almost everything close on Sunday compared to Egypt where places normally close at 1-3 AM and some other places that open 24 hours... maybe i felt like that because of home thickness. but at the same time i felt that my life itself was more exciting when i was in Munich.. maybe because i had to go out everyday to go to work and travel to new countries every weekend which i never do when i stay in Egypt... i guess my current wrong lifestyle in Egypt is the reason that makes it hard for me to decide .
  3. What do you suggest me to do.. or what will you do if you was in my place? Do you refer to make my own graphic design company for example and expand my business?
  4. Yes i'm a freelancer on my bedroom   ... And Just build up my earning in my bank like a video game score (Maybe because i'm introvert or single!)  ... i just dont have the time to do anything because of my work and if i had the time i dont know what to do .. so i end up just watching some movies and play some videogames etc... will appreciate if you gave me some advices in that matter.          
  5. I agree with you that corruption and safety is the things that i should care about more than health, roads etc.. but i didnt mention them because i know live in a safe neighbourhood and however i think that this bombing was a very unfortunate event but its also a rare event and the chances that such thing to happen for me is like 1 in a million or even less... i think that gangs in US or Europe can be more dangerous than such terrorist event. and about the corruption  since i dont directly engage with the government in anything since i just work as a freelancer from my bedroom so corruption didn't affect me negatively however i agree that corruption  is a major issue in Egypt.
  6. Is there a way to keep PR while absence outside?

    So do you think that i can keep my PR if i didn't de-register myself and paid the  social security contributions and kept visiting Germany for 1-2 weeks every 5 months?
  7. Is there a way to keep PR while absence outside?

    But what if i no longer have a job in Germany, will i have to continue to pay taxes and health insurance? and if i no longer have a job in Germany will my PR get void in this case?
  8. Eligibility for freelance visa

    I'm a freelance 3d artist and graphic designer, My clients are from all over the world and i work for them remotely. My work is a per project based and each project is small that can be done withing a few days so there is no contracts signed when i accept a new project, however i think i can get an experience certificates/recommendation letters from my past clients... so i was wondering in my case if i'm eligible for freelance visa and what is the validity period of it and how much time needed to get the PR after getting the freelance visa and what is the privileges of this kind of visa.   Thanks
  9. I'm a freelance 3D artist and graphic designer living in Egypt, My net income is around 50k-70k Euro with 0% taxes (since freelancers in Egypt not required to pay taxes), My salary varies depend on how hard i work since i work with multiple clients remotely but most of my income comes from a specific German company which offers me to come and work from there office in Munich and they will pay me almost the same salary around 3k euro (maybe i can negotiate for 25% increase) but i will have to pay around 40% taxes and the living cost in Germany and in Munich in particular is very high which is about 10-20 times more expensive. So while i earn net salary 50-70k euro per year the average salaries in Egypt is around 1500 Euro per year which means i get 30-45 times the average salary in Egypt which means that i'm probably among the top 1% rich person in Egypt. you can check the prices in my city compared to Munich in that page below  https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/compare_cities.jsp?country1=Egypt&country2=Germany&city1=Alexandria&city2=Munich   That was the good side about Egypt but on the other side i visited Germany and i found the average life quality in Germany is much better... the streets is much cleaner.. the transportation is much more comfortable and organised and timely and the health care and education is much better and if i got the German passport in the future i will have the freedom to travel almost anywhere without visa and i will have an access to work on any EU country and the chance to be more social by communicating with others instead of spending my life working from my home but not sure if that worth wasting over 90% from my salary as taxes and living cost difference and to stay away from my parents or not. Looking forward to hear your opinions, Thanks    
  10. There is a company that i currently offering me to work in Germany but i'm still not sure if moving there will be the best option... anyway i think i may try to move there for 2-3 years till i get the permanent residence then decide if i will stay or to go back to my home country. So i was wondering if after getting the permanent residence and decided to go back to my country for unspecific period of time will there be anyway to keep the PR since i wont be sure if i will need it in the future or not? like to stay 5.5 month on my home country and go to Germany for a visit for 1 or 2 weeks etc. will that prevent my PR from being terminated and if i did that must pay taxes and insurance for German government and keep my apartment while staying outside? If i did anmeldung for my apartment while staying in Germany and then left that apartment and the landloard terminated the anmeldung, will that cause my PR to be void if happened while i was absent outside and is there anyway to prevent that from happening?