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  1. How to respond to Mahnbescheid

    Just wanted to add here because there are not many answers out there on the internet of people getting away with not paying. I hope I am one of them. Got my first letter in late 2016, followed by a few more letters because my wife didn't put the VPN on before downloading. Total amount was about 3000+€. I hired a lawyer for advice and he said we could try to get support from the government to pay his fees as my wife was in between jobs (we weren't married at the time) and she had a low income. We went to the local authorities but they were useless. They pretty much said its our fault even though there was no proof that we did something. We tried to fight it but ended up taking so long that we left this tactic and just paid the lawyer our selves. As we were not planning to stay in Germany forever, the lawyer advised to wait and see what happens to take a risk that it might rack up the fines. He said he could negotiate them down to maybe 1,5k 2k, but I had decided I'm not paying those bastards who are wasting there tax money paid education on harassing reasonably law-abiding, low-income citizens.   Eventually, 3 years went by with the occasional reminder with all kind of warnings and info. As I didn't speak the language, I was able to keep quite cool and just ignore it. My wife did speak it and was more worried.   Finally, four years later, I got a new job abroad and started the move. On the last day before we were out, we got a letter taking us to court. I told this to my lawyer and he said I need to send a wiedersprucht within 10 days. I got a random fax number online to add a bit of confusion and sent the wiedersprucht. My wife (whos name the letters came in) changed her surname to mine and we moved abroad. I made sure I didn't leave any trace to where I went and made sure to tell all authorities who needed to know, not to share any info with any third party. Also, I haven't opened anything official under my wife name since we arrived. Good luck finding us you c..k suckers!