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  1. @ahammed Are you sure they are asking for Integrationskurs? Almost everyone I know who got the Niederlassungserlaubnis via Blue Card had to pass "Leben in Deutschland" test and provide the certificate. At least in Hessen this certificate is used related to § 9 (2) Nr. 8 (the foreigner possesses a basic knowledge of the legal and social system and the way of life in the federal territory)
  2. Email from police - stolen PSN codes

    It seems from the email I got that a lot of codes were stolen in May 2019 and Sony only now came up with info on accounts which used them.    I will send all information  I have to the police and will update once I get the feedback from them    thnx D.
  3. I got an email from Bayern Polizeihauptkommissar asking for information about particular Sony PSN code (Guthaben codes) I used in July 2019 which appears to be stolen. They would like to know where I bought it from.   As far as I can see this email is legit, I did use the code in question (50 EUR worth), I bought it from kinguin the day before I used it and I still have the confirmation email and paypal receipt.   So, questions: 1. Should I provide them with information I have? Can I be charged with "posession of stolen goods" or something similar? 2. Should I stick with physical Guthaben cards from now on? As far as I can see there are a lot of websites offering the discounted codes as download only    Thanks in advance, D.