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  1. Hm. Guess shipping the keys is the only way. Ah well, thanks for the answers anyway!   I'm just a bit surprised about all of this. In LA they have key cutting kiosks all over the place, even automated ones and nobody asks any questions about the origin of the key, so I've never paid any attention to the fact there are serial numbers on the keys at all until the employee at the local mr.Minit pointed it out.
  2. Before I moved to Germany I've made a set of key copies for my apartment, garage, shed, etc. and left it with my parents. Long story short, the said set of keys is somehow misplaced.   So, I thought that I can make a new set of copies and mail it to my parents. However, when I showed up in a local mr.Minit, I was told that they can't copy 3 out of 4 keys because these are "numbered keys", if I understood them correctly. I guess they're referring to the serial numbers on the keys. So they can make a copy of a key from the shed, which is not very useful to me. After some googling it seems like making key copies is a lot of a hassle in Germany somehow.   I tried to convince the employee in mr.Minit that these are keys from an apartment located in another country, even another continent and not from some local door but to no avail. Is my only option to send the keys across the pond via some shipping service? I'm a bit reluctant to do so considering that it's now the only set I have and if lost a bunch of locks will have to be replaced completely.
  3.   Even with my little hobby playing in a hobbyist orchestra I go the local Opernhaus, you can easily reserve the auditorium there for either group or solo practice.   What can you even even practice at home with the acoustic of a concrete apparent block?
  4. Ageism and sexism in Germany

    Did you look into the link I've provided? Seen software engineering positions directly relating to SAP landscape? Or it's HQ or bust for you?
  5. Ageism and sexism in Germany

    SAP Berlin   Any other remarks from the resident IT professionals? Or did you really think that SAP had only one office?
  6. Ageism and sexism in Germany

    Never heard about SAP?
  7. Ageism and sexism in Germany

    Every time I hear a heartbreaking story like this, I always tempted to ask someone else from the company. Because when you think you do a great job is not the same as actually doing a great job. And in Germany, as I've noticed, this problem is amplified by the seeming inability of Germans to tell you straight that you're not doing your job well or fast enough. It's some misplaced politeness. Sometimes it's good but often it leads to some people becoming delusional. I work in IT for many years and not even once I've seen that anyone would be payed less because of their gender. IT is a skill based field, it's as simple as that. You're getting payed according to your skill set, grade and KPI.
  8. My landlord wants to replace a whole carpet for a stain

    Is it a normal quote for the "professional cleaning" of a studio in Germany? I mean, with this sum I'd expect a to see a crew with equipment and non-OTC chemicals. I ask because I'm moving soon as well and while I do my best to clean the place up, the reputation of the landlord company is such that they might charge for cleaning anyway.
  9. Refusing to pay TV license fees (Rundfunkbeitrag)

    The original idea behind this tax (which is not a German exclusive thing) is to give mass media journalism an independent source of funding that would help them to stay out of direct monetary influence of politics or big business. Basically, to avoid the TV and newspapers becoming a tool of propaganda for the ruling party or big corporations. This, in theory, benefits everyone even those who don’t watch the TV. The other question is of course if the reality correlates with the theory.
  10. Maintenance costs too harsh in the contract

      We had those in the dormitories. It's "we haven't been able to find anything cheaper" type of kitchen but even then it was in a better shape, this one looks like it was thrown away and picked up from a sperrmüll heap somewhere. Not to mention that it falls apart if you stare at it too harshly. Even with the installation costs it can never cost 7500 to 10000 eur. This clause looks like scam to be honest.
  11. Which Bank would you recommend

    While I agree with the idea in principle, I don't think it's a fair comparison. English is, de facto, the standard international language. I never expect anyone speaking English in any public organization in Germany but I'm a surprised with the lack of representatives with the ability to speak English at all in large bank branches. I don't say they are obliged to provide the service, just a surprise that they don't. It does look like a wasted opportunity. I mean, when I first moved in Germany, my German was pathetic, so I went to the bank where there was a representative speaking English. I'm still using their services.