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  1. I hope someone can help me. I got a job in KA and will start working on 2nd November so I do not have much time to find an apartment.   I am  looking for 3 room apartment, I do not have pets or kids. I dont have bad credit score and I have good paycheck.   We contacted all agencies in town and everyone told us ( without even wanting to give us termin to introduce ourselves) to not come to them because they have too much request and can't help us. Did anyone else had such respons from agencies? Are we doing something wrong? Should we just come to their office without calling to ask for a meeting?   We applied to many immobilienscout ads but mostly no one is answering or they write ' due to high demand we have to decline your request'   Yesterday I sent request to view one really nice apartment,but reply from owner left me puzzled he wrote: 'due to the fact you have high qualified job I doubt you are looking for a long term rent'   Can someone advice me, am I doing something wrong? Is there anywhere else we should look