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  1. Applying for Settlement Permit After Working without EU Blue Card

    Thanks for the reply and advice.  What about the matter of settlement visa? Do you have any answer to that question?
  2. Can you apply for a settlement permit if you worked for 33 months, but not all this period was under the EU Blue Card visa?   I'm a recent graduate at Germany University and got 6 months of temporary employment offer (not an Internship, full-time position) from a company. I've been informed by the foreigners' office that the most suitable choice for me to get 18 months residence permit and work at this job during this period instead of getting Blue Card for 6 months since I'll need to apply for a Blue Card after 6 months again if I get the extension to my employment or got a new job.   Now, I'm wondering if I can count this working period toward 33 months limit when I apply for a settlement permit in the future. The rule (https://www.make-it-in-germany.com/en/visa/living-permanently-in-germany/settlement-permit/) states: "If you are an EU Blue Card holder, you can request to obtain a settlement permit in accordance with Sect. 18c (2) AufenthG (German Residence Act). The following requirements apply:  You have been employed in a qualified job for at least 33 months during which time you made monthly contributions to the statutory pension insurance fund.  ..."   To my understanding, If I am an EU Blue Card holder after 33 months and paid the statutory pension insurance fund for at least 33 months, I can apply for a settlement permit regardless of having Blue Card for 33 months. Is my understanding correct?   Thanks!