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  1. I went to sign a storage lease today and the guy was really weird. I didn't know why but then after all was filled out and signed, he then wanted a Kaution. I pointed to the contract we had just signed and said that it made no mention of a deposit. I said if he included a line about the deposit and we resign the document, then I was happy to pay a deposit. He became verbally abusive towards me and told me to get out. He flipped like a light switch. It was weird. I said I would go when he took my banking details from his computer and returned my passport and photocopy as well as the second signed lease with my banking details on it.  He refused and became violent pushing me. I was only thankful my children were outside the door. I called the police but they seem to take violence very lightly here which I find surprising. Also that he effectively tried to extort money from me refusing either to this Kaution in writing or to give me a receipt.  Has anyone dealt with the entities who can ensure this person does not do this again to someone else? And what would the office be that I can complain about what seems to me to be a person who tried to extract money from me and when I asked for a contract or receipt to reflect this exchange of money, he became violent?  And why do the police seem to do nothing about this aggression?