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  1. Negotiating Sale of Kitchen and New Tenant

    Yes, please. That would be great. Can you do this via PM? Thanks so much!
  2. Negotiating Sale of Kitchen and New Tenant

    But wouldn't they want to be 100% of having the lease (eg. I would).? Is there a way to ensure they get the lease but don't not buy my kitchen?
  3. I have just had a very nice new kitchen installed. Due to a separate problem, we have decided to leave Germany. My landlord said I could find a new tenant who would be willing to buy the kitchen from me.   OK. Now that I have found someone, how does this work so that I can guarantee being paid before they sign the lease? Is there a simple type of receipt I would write for this?   Thanks in advance.
  4. Tax Prepayments???

    Thanks for the recommendation!
  5. Tax Prepayments???

    Yes, I want to find a new one. It is just not that easy. Many say that they are not taking new clients. I would rather have a new one instead of doing it myself.  Is there a website where there are reviews of Steuerberater by region?  Thanks so much!
  6. Tax Prepayments???

    No, I did not misunderstand him. He asked me if he could tell the tax office to increase my payments. All this is coming from him bizarrely.  He basically wants to increase my payments or that I should do my taxes myself. His office is not great--from the assistant who loses invoices to the fact that his assistant claims not to know how to download files (I had to start keeping my monthly mailings to them of invoices and statements in a folder because she lost items frequently and I don't have the time to look for specific documents every time this happens). I get the sense that they are not equipped to deal with freelancers.  I mean, an increase in incoming money as a freelancer for two months does not mean my salary has magically increased. It amounts to people coincidentally paying me in the same time frame plus a bit of increased work. This summer I will be making very little.   What does the Finanzamt do if you have a very good year and then the following year make much much less? Do they force people to become homeless coming up with money they don't make? It all seems very reckless since freelancing can be very irregular, especially in my line of work.  
  7. Tax Prepayments???

    Yes, if I have 4 excellent quarters, I would be thrilled. The major problem is, at the moment, no Kita. So, I currently work with no childcare which cuts my earning power quite a bit. I got very lucky in April and May and had, suddenly, quite a bit of income attainable only due to my ability to eat and sleep very little given the no childcare situation (hence I worked at night). But that income was an anomaly. My accountant is basing his ideas on two very good months and I can't imagine why he would not just send me a reminder that at my current earnings I ought to be saving x% or something to this spirit. And no, I didn't get a letter from the Finanzamt at all. I imagine his email was purely based on a couple of good months in the first half of this year.  I have written him but he takes forever to reply and I was curious about this email.
  8. Tax Prepayments???

    Obviously, I earn enough to support my family.  I don't earn enough to prepay income I haven't earned. Does that make sense?  The issue is that the accountant hasn't mentioned what you are saying about last year's income which was in the low twenties, so it seems odd that he would say to pre-pay based on a fluke of a few months of high earnings. That is the issue.  If I am to pay based on last year's earnings, that is not a problem. If I am to pay now based on three months of this year, however, that would be inaccurate since he is guessing that a fluke is the "norm" when it is not. He should know this based on my earnings from last year.  Also, how can we be expected to pay money when we are not earning some months? I have put aside enough to pay for what I earned last year. This year might be about €5,000 more, but my accountant is thinking I will earn more simply because for three months I earned most of my year's income. Now, it is dead and it will be this way for several months.
  9. Tax Prepayments???

    Yes the app reccommendation helps!  Thanks.  So, the pre-payments are not actually « pre » then? They are after each quarter?  It is just last year I made very little money and had a surprise increase in income for three months this year which is doubtful to happen again (eg now no income for the summer). So for me to pay as if all my months would be like the spring would be a financial hardship for me. Is there any way to pay based on what I actually make?  For instance, I am earning zero this summer.  I couldn't possibly afford to pay anything when I have no income.
  10. Tax Prepayments???

    I did ask him about when taxes are paid and he never mentioned pre-payments at all. He said it would be done at the end of the year. Hence my confusion. I have also spoken to many freelancers who don't have pre-payments so this doesn't seem to be at all the way things are done in Germany.  My accountant intimated in his email to me that if I do my taxes on my own I wouldn't have to do pre-payments. Again, I find this confusing but why is this?   My income is not steady and so no, I can make more money some months and very little others.  I am speaking of apps that people are using to do their taxes.   
  11. Tax Prepayments???

    Yesterday my accountant asked me if he could set up prepayments with the Finanzamt and if not that I should do my taxes myself. I didn't understand such correspondence since there was no discussion of this months ago when I hired him and he had told me my taxes would be paid once a year. In other words, if now suddenly I would be asked to pre-pay, why was I not given a warning since paying ahead for taxes on money I don't have would be burden? I don't quite understand this. At that, my accountant has not been so great as he has lost my invoices many times. Then when I tried to help him & his assistant by streamlining everything and uploading my monthly invoices onto a server or through a WeTransfer protocol where they could download files in case they lose one, I was told that they don't know how to download files. Seriously. I have also been unimpressed with the difficulty of finding a decent accountant as finding one where I live is not easy.  So, a friend suggested that I just do my own taxes or use an app.  Here are my questions: 1. Could anyone here explain why I never was told about pre-payments until yesterday? (And yes, I did ask about how often I would have to pay taxes and was told another story last year.)  And does nobody pay taxes after each quarter or annually? 2. And how can the Finanzamt expect freelancers whose work is not steady to come up with money when we make very little income many months?  It seems that they want to guesstimate my income this year when I had to remind my accountant that my income is very unsteady, especially with no childcare. 3. Are any of these apps worth it? I am a writer who has a clear billing system, I don't charge VAT as my clients are not in the EU and I have expenses each month.  Thanks!