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  1. Winter Boots in Berlin

    Thanks for the advice!
  2. Winter Boots in Berlin

    OK update for all of you who helped me out. I found the most amazing boots ever!   I cannot speak highly enough of these boots since I have already sent two pairs back! I am also a quality freak because I want to keep my boots at least five years, preferably much more than that.  Here are their qualities: 1. they are not bulky and Frankensteinian but they are warm! 2. not ugly 3. totally waterproof  Free shipping from Austria to boot and they are not a bad price!  Just to spread the word (and no, I don't work for Salomon.) If you do order them, order a size up as they are small for the size!
  3. KSK paperwork

    OK, but before moving here I stopped work, then moving here I legally couldn't work so my invoices would be from the spring and then an interruption until I start work in two weeks time. Would sending them invoices for April-June suffice? I have nothing from the time I moved here and then immigrated.   Thanks all for your help!!  
  4. KSK paperwork

    Might I ask those of you with experience: what papers do I need to submit?  I no longer have access to my bank records from before moving here and am waiting to start work in two weeks (waiting for my children's childcare to start).  I have former clients' invoices, but will this be enough?
  5. KSK paperwork

    Thanks so much!  This is useful information.  I have read stories of people paying more with KSK but again, I know zilch about all this. I presume having a pension will be mandatory for permanent residency, so I will do it! :)   
  6. KSK paperwork

    Thanks for this. I know that I am with TK and paying into the gesetzliche Krankenversicherung. So I don't know if paying back applies to us and just to people paying privately. I am relatively new to the system so it is all very confusing to me. :)
  7. KSK paperwork

    Also I heard that people have to back pay when they are accepted. What is this? Will I have to pay as well being under public insurance and already paying into it?
  8. KSK paperwork

    I am insured with TK and am preparing paperwork with KSK.  I read some stories in other threads of people paying much more money once they are with KSK and being asked to back pay everything. I am a bit nervous as when I moved to TK from private insurance my premiums went up which I did not expect.  But I presume there are benefits from KSK? (I also saw reference to Krankengeld--what is this?)  I am a freelancer with two children, so I don't know if this makes a difference as to the pros/cons of KSK.    I am in the process of completing all the paperwork. They ask for birth certificates, CV, and I am unclear as to what else I must provide.  They ask for contracts, but i don't use contracts.  I have clients who ask me to work on projects and I have a flat project fee. I also have no access to my former bank where I lived before as I have closed that account and opened up one here in Germany. And I have had a several month stretch of earning no money because legally I was not allowed to while I awaited my work visa. So how would I show them my income from the past?  Just invoices? And if so, for how long?  And what else do I need to include in my supporting documents? Thanks!
  9. Winter Boots in Berlin

    So they don't use salt here then?  :)
  10. Winter Boots in Berlin

    Yes, I am from Canada originally and then the Northeast. So I gathered that there was not so much snow, but people report loads of slush and wet.  OK, I will not get the Sorel. I was not sure on them as I walk a lot and would like something very walkable.  I will look into Scarpa--they are also pretty. What do you mean by " they pick up the grit that Berliners use on the sidewalks like you wouldn't believe"? Thanks so much for the advice!   
  11. Winter Boots in Berlin

    Hi. I am used to winters of all sorts, but given that this will be my first winter in Berlin, I would rathe rbe prepared. So this is my conundrum: which winter boot to buy.  I want to buy something that I can have for at least ten years--I hate shopping and I love to own things until they die their natural deaths. I am also a minimalist and don't want to have to get a snow boot for the city and then another one for Grünewald, for instance.   I have boots for temperatures up through 5 degrees or so but there under, need a warm boot.  What do you suggest that would be warm, good for loads of walking, waterproof and anything else I might need in Berlin? Here are two types I am thinking about purchasing:'s%2BBugaboot%2BPlus%2BIII%2BOmni%2BHeat&start=0 and Your thoughts?  (And thanks in advance!)
  12. Business Bank Account Needed?

    This looks VERY interesting.    If it makes life simpler, why not? Then having a separate account would be worth it.  I am new here so no idea of how confusing things are/can be.  Your thoughts.   What is the service you are starting by the way?  
  13. Business Bank Account Needed?

    When you say deposit cash, this means PayPal transfers I presume?   Thanks.
  14. Business Bank Account Needed?

    Thanks so much for this.  I signed up for N26 and might need to keep them in mind then. Are there any cons to this bank as opposed to Deutche Bank that you know of? Thanks so much!!! All very helpful!!
  15. Business Bank Account Needed?

    What I was saying is that I wrote my bank to make sure that I could interface my PayPal account with my DB account. From this they were like, wait, we can make more money from you!  :)     My question here is not at all about PayPal but is about banks in Germany: are we obliged as freelancers to keep two accounts?  I have never experienced this as a 'must'. Having a business account can be very expensive and is only worth it for companies making over x amount of money.