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  1. Hey all,   I am from the USA, going to be moving to Germany this December and marrying my German girlfriend in Germany in February. I will be getting a German Visa and due to my work am hoping to be able to travel out of Germany in Jan/Feb before the wedding briefly within the EU at least and then also to Switzerland at very least after the wedding. (I am working as an advisor for a Bitcoin company in Switzerland as well as a US company doing sales if that helps).   I have heard that I may not be able to travel out of Germany after getting married for a short while after the wedding and possibly before. Do anyone have experience with moving to Germany for Marriage and trying to leave, especially for work?
  2. Wow, Thank you all! I wasn't expecting so much help. I will try those sausages with an injector for sure vs making my own and see about the turkey as well. I'm hoping to get the biggest American sized turkey I can find and she wants to invite all of her friends and family over to have dinner so the bigger the better and we will make the full spread.   She is the German and I'm the American but she loves this food from her time in America so I'm doing it just as she really loved it all. 
  3. Yea maybe I can try that. Hopefully, I can find and ha use my wonderfully bad German to have it made or maybe better make it myself.    And thanks for the advice finding a turkey as well.   Thanks!
  4. Thanks,   My girlfriend is the one who really loves our sausages. I think she's specifically in love with the sausages with maple syrup inside and she couldn't find any that were close to what she had here in America. SHe also is the one that wants a turkey for Thanksgiving. We will only be in Germany two years before she comes back to the USA with me.    I've already fallen in love with the German food from the area like Maultaschen and happy to eat that till I leave but it's more of a favor for her to see if I can find it for one meal as I'm not allowed to ship it.
  5. Hello all,   I am moving near Stuttgart later this year in December and curious if anyone know where to get some American foods such as a turkey for Thanksgiving and particularly if I can get the small breakfast sausage links that we eat here in America that my girlfriend loves and I'd love to surprise her with for breakfast when I move there. A friend suggested a military base where they have American stores. Any ideas?