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  1. Become payroll provider

    Hi all,    We are looking to provide payroll service to our clients in Germany. Has anyone become a payroll provider in Germany? if so, would you be able to let us know your experience?   I believe we need to get a certificate in order to register onto ELSTAM and communicate new starters on behalf of our clients.  In other countries, you get a payroll provider certificate, then each client has to give you the authorisation to deal with their payroll. Does anyone know the process?    Do we need to complete any other registration?    I have been checking forums, however could not find anything.   Regards,    Elena
  2. Tax deductions for pension and health insurance

    Thank you so much for the explanation, it has been really helpful. 
  3. Tax deductions for pension and health insurance

    I do not understand when I should apply the ceiling of 1,900. If I increase the annual salary, the social security allowance increase,  is there anything that I am missing?   http://www.parmentier.de/steuer/steuer.htm?wagetax.htm. social security allowance is 2159   http://www.parmentier.de/steuer/steuer.htm?wagetax.htm social security allowance is 9296   Thank you so much :)
  4. Tax deductions for pension and health insurance

    Thank you so much for taking the time to answer. I really appreciate.    I am so sorry to bother you again. I have been trying to play around. However, I believe I am forgetting a step as do not get the same amount as the calculator.       Breakdown of my calculation . Yearly Gross Salary for 2016  = 12,000   1 Step - employee's public pension insurance contribution    [0.82 * (0.0935 * 12,000)] - 0.0935 * 12,000 =  -201,96   2 Step - employee's public health insurance contribution   0.96 * (0.073 + 1,1%)*12,000 =  967,68   3 Step - employee's public nursing insurance contribution   (1.275% + 0.25% ) * 12,000 =  183   Total is 948,72. However, when I use the calculator, got 2159. Is there anything that I am not taking into consideration?  http://www.parmentier.de/steuer/steuer.htm?wagetax.htm   Have a nice weekend. Thank you so much 
  5. Tax deductions for pension and health insurance

    Thank you for your answer.    In order to have the taxable income, there is a Social Insurance deduction. If the calculator is correct, the % in 2016 was  5.984%. However i am not sure how to calculate the %. Once I know the %, does anyone know the formula?   http://www.parmentier.de/steuer/steuer.htm?wagetax.htm   So far, I have just found the following information related to social insurance duduction, but have no idea how to apply the parameter   - SSC- DN 1200 - SSC- DN-RT 0.16 - SSC- dn_lim 1334 - SSC- dn_lump_rt - 0.2   https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=Ic-lDgAAQBAJ&pg=PA299&lpg=PA299&dq=tax+germany+993.62&source=bl&ots=SSXR1GKhvx&sig=MZ52Kg4oBQxrDKsYOp0Woykzj3o&hl=es&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj156-wxpPWAhVoDcAKHfqFBBoQ6AEIPTAD#v=snippet&q=993.62&f=false   (page 299)
  6. Tax deductions for pension and health insurance

    Hello everyone,    I have been trying to work out social security allowance. However, I cannot find the formula.    According to tax calculator below, I have to apply a % but have no idea how to get the %. Will anyone be able to help me? http://www.parmentier.de/steuer/steuer.htm?wagetax.htm   Thank you so much