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  1. Hi,


    Welcome to Germany! Thanks to you, I am learning something new too :)


    So if I buy a computer costing less than 410,00 € (without VAT), I can show the whole amount as expense in one year? I thought office costs (computer, screen etc) will always be depreciated over years. 


    Did I get that right?


    If so, I need to change my accountant. Never gave me that important info <_<


  2. 22 hours ago, BayrischDude said:

    @pinkypink, If i might suggest, build a website yourself.  I have 0-nil computer skills...  or so I am told on a near daily basis! Lucky I can answer me handy!  Regardless, I built a website!  Nothing fancy, just enough to show the leather items I make.  


    I used Wordpress.  The largest cost was for the hosting and domain name.  20€ a year.  The rest is free!  I watched a youtube video one Friday night, took about 2 beers (hour and one half) to watch, then spent the Saturday building it. 


    Saves you loads of money.  Worth doing I think.





    Thank you for your comment!


    I tried doing it myself. Once with WordPress and once with Wix. Somehow they never looked what I wanted them to be, I also watched videos etc but I feel like I need a professionals eye to make it look good/together. 


    I think the price will worth it =)


    But thank you anyway =)


  3. On 9/11/2017, 10:20:50, Starshollow said:

    have you tried FIVERR yet ?





    I have never heard of it, just checked it out and it is awesome! Exactly what I was looking for thank you! Now I can pick someone with a similar taste to mine! Many talented people.


    Maybe you know, when I get a logo and a website design from there, can I deduct the cost as an expense?


    Many thanks! 


  4. On 9/9/2017, 5:11:11, PandaMunich said:

    Logo and web site programming: depreciate over 3 years.


    The price for the domain, e.g., is not deductible at all, since it is a non-depreciable asset (= nichtabnutzbares immaterielles Wirtschaftsgut):

    You only get to deduct what you paid for the domain the moment you sell that domain (should that ever happen), see §4 Absatz 3 Satz 4 EStG:

    " 4Die Anschaffungs- oder Herstellungskosten für nicht abnutzbare Wirtschaftsgüter des Anlagevermögens, für Anteile an Kapitalgesellschaften, für Wertpapiere und vergleichbare nicht verbriefte Forderungen und Rechte, für Grund und Boden sowie Gebäude des Umlaufvermögens sind erst im Zeitpunkt des Zuflusses des Veräußerungserlöses oder bei Entnahme im Zeitpunkt der Entnahme als Betriebsausgaben zu berücksichtigen. "



    Dear Panda,


    I did not know that with domain, thank you for pointing that out!


    What I am curious about is, if I hire a freelancer to build me a website and design a logo, can I deduct the fee of the freelancer?


    If so,

    Let's say the freelancer costs me 1000 Euros, will the whole amount be deducted the year I pay for it, or will it be depreciated over some years?


    Thank you for taking the time!


  5. Hello everyone,


    I was an on and off freelancer. This year I decided to pursue my freelance work fulltime. Therefore I need an online presence and advertisement.


    My plan is to buy a logo and a web site design. I will use an online crowdsourcing design site.


    I know logo and website design are considered"ordinary and necessary", therefore tax deductible.


    My question is; will these costs be deducted the year I purchase the designs? Or, will they be considered as assets and the cost would be divided in some years?


    I hope someone has some insight :)


    Thank you!


  6. Dear friends,


    I want a new logo and a website for my freelance work. But as the saying goes "the cobbler's children have no shoes", I need someone to do it for me. Only thing is that, it should be tax deductible, of course. So I need an inoice at the end.


    I found this website "99designs". Did anyone tried it yet? There are many graphic designers that make designs for you, would be nice to get different designs from different designers. There are many sites similar to it, but I dont know which one to use. Is there anyone with a first hand experience?


    Are there any other websites I can use you know of?


    Would be happy if you share your knowledge :) Thank you!


  7. Dear PandaMunich,


    That was a great answer with the quotes, thank you very very much for that! ^_^


    And I will definitelly pay the course from my bank account, that I did not know and really good that you pointed out, probably saved me from a future problem.


    I wish you a perfect weekend!


  8. Thank you all for your answers. I decided to take the classes without caring if they are deductible or not, theye are very important at the moment. But I will write here next year if they are, for other people to know  =)


    I will find a freelancer to make me a website and logo design. I am guessing these should be deductible, right?


    I am also going to take 3D drawing lessons (3ds Max), as I am a designer. I think they should also ok to deduct as well, they have nothing to do with my personal life. But what I am curious about is, those lessons are less than half priced in my home country. So I was thinking, instead of getting 1 lesson in Germany, I could go to my home country and get 3 lessons. Is there any rule about where to take lessons in order to deduct them?


    I am very new and trying to find may way=)


    Thank you!


  9. Hello everyone!


    I am a freelancer. When I first got here, my German was ok but unfortunatelly not anymore. I always had English speaking clients and friends. (ashamed)


    Recently I moved to another city and to be able to find and convince new clients, I need to have a better German. I decided to take same German classes just to find work again. I plan to go up to C1 level.


    My first question is:

    If I go to a language school to take German classes just because for my work, is it tax deductible?


    My second question is:

    I found this web page "italki", there are german classes there as well. One of them was even named "Business German and Job Application Training". Would it be tax deductible if I take classes online?


    I plan to spend around 1.000 Euros for the classes. Is there a limit for such thing?


    I went through the forum and found many contradicting answers about the topic. Some said yes, some said no, some said it changed in years. I am hoping to find someone that knows the situation, not guessing about it.


    The language is really bloking my works way and I really need to sort it out quick =) .


    Thank you very very very much!