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  1. Brexit: The fallout

      Totally agreed. I'm quite staggered that Boris Johnson making the unelected David Frost a minister, is garnering no scrutiny in the UK for it being yet another unelected ministerial appointment.   The Cummings blueprint from his Chatham House talk of a few years ago, was very much around moving the UK towards a more presidential form of Governance where the cabinet was non-MP appointments  ("you chuck 'em in the House of Lords" was an expression he used when telling those present that the system already was setup for this). He may have departed Government, but looks like some of his ideas have managed to stick.
  2. Brexit: The fallout

      The way that Mr. Male Idiot just vanishes is amazing. Luckily the sunglasses didn't go overboard but ricocheted back in to the boat.  
  3. Brexit: The fallout

    Michael Heaver reported over the weekend that the German media are reporting that Germany is "Envious of Brexit Britain".   So leave voters are now having a Bild front page misquoted and mis-sold to them, and being fed stories of how Britannia is ruling the waves whilst being shielded from the realities of businesses going to the wall and produce unable to be sold.    With GB News and News UK  launching soon, the UK news landscape seems to be rapidly mimicking the US with offering "alternative facts" to those who are not happy with reality 
  4. I had the test done at FRA prior to flying to DXB last year, and the certificate came through in English.   
  5. Brexit: The fallout

      In some of the most recent opinion polls his support South of the border is growing if anything. My own parents, who were public sector workers and union members, currently wax lyrical about how amazing the Johnson vaccination program has been, and how he has to be judged on the vaccine rollout and not what happened before that. 
  6. Brexit: The fallout

      Boris Johnson made a journalistic career out of writing bendy banana and "Brussels wants to ban" articles. Ex-colleagues of his from that time, say that he loved making ridiculous EU stories up because the way it wound up EU politicians and staff, it was like some sort of harmless prank or game to him. Then fast forward to the referendum, and some of his tall tales are being regurgitated as evidence for why leaving is a good idea!   I have had strained discussions about this with former work colleagues that voted to go leave, when trying to find out their opinions on this behaviour. It typically fell in to a variant of "no smoke without fire", "ends justify the means"/"all fair in love and war"/"nothing compared to what we were told about it just being a common market in 1975", or "yeah but those journos who worked with Johnson are remainers on the EU payroll being paid to write EU propagandist lies".
  7. Brexit: The fallout

      From 2010-2016 I worked in Hammersmith about a two-minute walk from the Olympia, and at that point in time Earls Court had long since ceased to be the Australia-on-Thames from days of yore.
  8. Brexit: The fallout

      I think it's a UK-centric thing, maybe telling people who may have wanted to retire to Spain that they can retire to Australia instead.    Or thinking about it, I have to say, that when I was younger (okay, now I sound like @john g.) i thought Sydney would be the most amazing city in which to live and work, and for a while it was my dream to move there - so maybe there is a belief that younger voters who are upset about their freedom of movement being taken away, can somehow be bought off by dangling the carrot of Australia in front of them.
  9. Brexit: The fallout

      Regarding Australia immigration, I remember that this also caused a small storm back in the UK, when Liz Truss was over in Australia, mentioned something that sounded like freedom of movement between the two countries, and backlash and accusations of xenophobia resulted in her rowing back on her statements a day or so later and claiming that she had been merely talking about working holiday visas for young people.   The CANZUK brigade are still out in force though, there is even a grouping of MPs supporting it.   Some NZ politicians have said that it should be possible for the UK to join the ANZCERTA agreement, which always gets jumped on by CANZUK, although I don't think the Aus-NZ travel bubble is actually part of this agreement, but is a separate side deal.  Could be wrong though.   It's only one persons view so I don't take this as a barometer of national opinion, but speaking to a friend who moved to Auckland in the mid-2000s, he seems to think that offering British free movement would be political suicide from the main NZ parties, and that it would totally alienate people of Māori or Pacific Island descent, leading to big societal fractures .  He said the only people that he has heard talking about CANZUK are retired people (some of whom had spent substantially more of their lives in New Zealand than they had in the UK).     With things like those pushing for CANZUK, and Liz Truss announcing the UKs intention to become a member of the CPTPP, I do wonder if the main aim from all of this is to simply make the possibility of rejoining the EU at a later date a much harder task 
  10. Brexit: The fallout

    Meanwhile, former Brexit Party MEP Michael Heaver is telling people on his YouTube channel that "Brexit Britain" is already in the sunny uplands and the "remainer lies" have all been exposed and not come to pass. Looking at the comments people are making, it's like Donald Trump and his misinformation being swallowed by Republican voters - there are still plenty of those who insist that the inauguration photos were doctored by the media and that they believe it was the biggest inauguration attendance ever simply because Trump says so.     It is noticeable that people like Heaver, Nigel Farage, Richard Tice, are not actually content with their victory, but instead want to whip up further divides in British society. Farage seems perfectly happy calling for there to be a customs border in Ireland, and Richard Tice stops just short of calling for some kind of anti-lockdown uprising. If the UK was to be dissolved in to independent countries and a united Ireland, I'm sure those three clowns would be claiming it was because of some insidious and spiteful plot by a remainer minority to avenge Brexit.
  11.   Well, doesn't living in Germany make you some kind of socialist traitor in the eyes of some of those far right supremacists? So you wouldn't be arrested since you have already defected to the other side 
  12.   Even Reagan played the odd round    Apparently Biden does play
  13.   I'm surprised that you are still posting here in this thread, since you've still not explained why your prediction of mass Democrat arrests and Trump remaining the president, did not happen.   It would seem that you don't have the same knack as your avatar for sensing disturbances in the force.
  14. Brexit: The fallout

      I find this a fascinating point - it's one that I have thought about myself. The German economy is far stronger than the UKs, and the French economy is almost on par with the UK one, yet the UK is so much more important than those other two countries that it needs a special deal? Above the special deal with opt-outs of Schengen, Euro, and things like the working time directive already?  Ha... the WTD, that reminds me of hearing those people calling in to LBC and Talk, angrily saying that they'd rather be exploited by their employers than have "Brussels rules" like the WTD to protect them (such remarks would have been almost unheard of in the pre-Cameron era! What caused this sea-change in England and parts of Wales?!?!)
  15. Brexit: The fallout

    In the Sunday Times, the Dark Lord of Baldness Daniel Hannan is now saying that all along the biggest prize of Brexit would be an India-UK comprehensive agreement.  I seem to recall the same person saying during the referendum campaign that Britain would stay in the single market, before spending the last three years going on about how the imminent UK-US trade deal would be the biggest prize.