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  1. Coronavirus

      The UK response has been confusing, whereas I'm led to believe that the Australian and New Zealand Governments are asking for all citizens currently out of the country to return regardless of whether they are overseas residents or just out on a short-term basis.   So last week the FCO guidance seemed to be for British citizens to go back ASAP but it was unclear if they meant holidaymakers/travelers only. Listening to LBC last night, the presenter said the FCO advice includes British not resident in the UK, but then a few minutes later a caller in to the show was a British guy living in the US who had was told by the FCO earlier in the day that there was no need to come back to the UK, and the British consulate in Berlin have just tweeted that their advice to British in Germany is to only return to the UK if it's essential - so Dominic Raab, and the FCO and consulate/embassy, are giving mixed messages
  2. Coronavirus

      Thank you for sharing this - I seldom agree with Peter Hitchens, but I always find his writing interesting
  3. Coronavirus

      I've been cycling through Enkheimwald on my way to grocery shop, and am always amazed by how many large groups of people I see, and they are taking up pretty much the whole width of the path  
  4. Coronavirus

  5. Brexit: The fallout

      Balticus, there are plenty of people for whom it did have the potential to be a real crisis, and for some it still does. Under a no deal, there would have been low-income Britons living in Europe who would have lost their health insurance due to the loss of S1 for example.    Now, you may be one of those fortunate people in an ivory tower that can channel their inner Marie Antoinette and say "let them pay for their own!", whilst lacking the empathy to realise that for people with no money, the loss of S1 is indeed a crisis.     The other potential crisis still, is the one of Britons who are in a situation where they need to return to the UK to look after ill family members, but who will not be able to bring their EEA partner over. Splitting up families could also be considered a crisis.
  6. Brexit: The fallout

      Stanley Johnson is a massive Europhile and was one of the UK's first MEPs. 
  7. Coronavirus

        I'd love to have that option, but a core function of my job involves working on hardware, and apparently it's termed as "critical infrastructure" so we will be issued with some kind of form from the organisation that can be shown to police if they tell us to go home when we are on the way to work
  8. Coronavirus

      What an utter, utter, scumbag Dominic Cummings is.   But it's inline with what some "younger" Tories have been saying until recently. A friend of mine who is a rabid Tory has been saying for the last month that the economy had to come first 
  9. Coronavirus

      At least social distancing means that Abbey Road won't suffer from traffic jams due to so many idiots trying to recreate the album cover!
  10. Coronavirus

      Germany's own Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, has been talking about Chloroquine for the last couple of months.   I only know this because my flatmate often listens to Klinghardt's lectures and presentations.    I've always thought of him as more of a J2 type of doctor personally 
  11. Coronavirus

      Apologies if this has already been answered as catching up on this thread. I believe that existing UK law is that you can self-certify for 5 working days, and that GP's only need to issue letters when it's more then that. So 5 working days + 2 weekends, means potentially a total of 9 days to isolate depending on when you get sick.   Certainly when I lived in the UK, if I went to the GP with something, they wouldn't issue me a letter  until the second week because "you don't need it". Now, the self-cert thing may well be why there was always an unhealthy suspicion that anyone who was off sick for less than a week was "pulling a sickie to get a free week off", which is one of the things about UK work culture that I was always comfortable with, it meant that people felt compelled to come in to work when they were coming down with things (and probably at their most contagious!)
  12. Coronavirus

      I didn't realise Amazon Fresh was in Germany. Just checked my postcode and it's not covered. Even my old address in Bornheim isn't covered and that was pretty central. Maybe Frankfurt just isn't covered.
  13. Coronavirus

      Or people who have recently had / are undergoing things like chemo that weaken the immune system as well.   I think the narrative of "it's okay, the only people at risk are elderly and already ill people who will die of something soon anyway" is very disingenuous, it's cheapening the lives of vulnerable people (I'm already having a flashback to Iain Duncan-Smith on Question Time a few years ago doing just this, and even more worryingly the QT audience giving him a standing ovation)
  14. Brexit: The fallout

      Not entirely sure that will be the outcome. They can still manufacture things that comply with either FAA or EASA regulation, most of what is manufactured in the UK is just parts or systems and are then exported anyway I thought? And the CAA will probably just end up mirroring what is approved by the FAA...
  15. Coronavirus

    I currently have sinusitis. My employer said I must immediately go to a doctor to confirm it's not CoronaVirus - they would not accept "But if I don't have COVID-19, and I go to a doctor which happens to have people that do in the waiting room, what then?" as a reason for not going.   From what I gather, in the UK people are having at home testing and drive-through testing done, and are being told to stay away from GP surgeries. This sounds a lot wiser than what I've experienced here so far.   Anyway, luckily the doctors surgery was deserted. The doctor confirmed I had sinusitis although didn't actually do any examining or testing for CV19...   My worry are people like my flatmate - they've had borreliose for many years, an extremely low white blood cell count and an immune system that is shot to pieces. If she gets this, then she's probably a gonner.