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  1. The UAE is strict when it comes to copyright @john g. so that might be why it isn't working for me.   I uploaded a video of the Dubai Fountain show to my Instagram, and when I view the video Instagram tells me that it doesn't believe that I am the copyright holder of the music in the video (Skyfall by Adele, with the fountains doing a display in time with the music) so doesn't let me hear my own video, but people outside of the UAE can hear it.    I also cannot hear music in other peoples posts either (unless they are the artist)
  2.   "!! Video unavailable This video contains content from UMG, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds"   I am going to hazard a guess that it is the video of Vangelis playing a piano and smoking a cigarette, whilst some olympians run along a beach?   Also, I vaguely remember a scene in the film where a guy is hurdling and there are glasses of champagne balanced on the hurdles.
  3. US Presidential Election Fallout

      Given Jeff Bezos appears to be Trump's most hated person (I guess he is guilty of the crime of being a much more successful businessman?) it's quite astounding that Parlour were using his platform.
  4. Brexit: The fallout

      Probably because he can step down and then blame someone for messing up his "cakeist" deal.   Whilst Michael Gove is a good vocal attack dog who can verbally skewer most MPs whilst Parliament is in session, he also manages to look totally gormless when not engaged in a Parliamentary debate so quite easy to make him the fall guy (should Boris step down and Gove takes over)
  5. Brexit: The fallout

      He's currently pushing the narrative that the Democrats have been "infiltrated" by "woke warriors" and "hard left Marxists", and that America will be going to war again soon.    
  6.   Not seen this in years, and now have Vangelis music in my head (which is not a bad thing!)
  7.   Fully agree. But it needs to have the little voiceover done by... I think Rimmer from Red Dwarf?... at the start of it
  8. Brexit: The fallout

      You'd have to convince the populous to buy Hondas, Nissan's, and Jaguars. But on top of that, Honda are pulling out and are no longer selling saloon cars bigger than Civics in the UK, Nissan are selling small cars and SUVs, and Jaguar are low volume production-wise and more expensive to buy new because the dealers cannot offer the same discounts as Audi/BMW/Mercedes as a result of being low volume.    Instead, the Brexit deal means that buying German will still be the default position for a lot of UK car buyers.
  9. The "Inauguration crowd size" and Kelly-Anne's subsequent coining of "alternative facts" set the tone of the next four years.
  10. US Presidential Election Fallout

      Some posts just need to be read together.   @jeremytwo, why was the script not followed? 
  11. US Presidential Election Fallout

      Touché    Speyside whiskey... very nice. It's making me fancy a nice Scottish malt now 
  12. US Presidential Election Fallout

      Whiskey whiskey or bourbon?  
  13. US Presidential Election Fallout

      I'll join you in spirit with a nice Port
  14. US Presidential Election Fallout

      This picture is making me fancy a Cadbury's flake
  15. US Presidential Election Fallout

      I'd hazard a guess that he will pretend that those specific theories never existed, and just post more new ones instead