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  1. UK life insurance trusts

    Does anyone know much about what happens when you try to put an existing UK term life insurance policy in a trust? (In this case as a German resident with German beneficiaries.) I'm aware that there are no trusts in German law and therefore assumed there could be some tax and inheritance traps connected with their use.   Alternatively would be happy for a referral to a lawyer who does know his/her way around this area! Tried to get some advice from one lawyer already, but he could not come to a definitive conclusion.
  2. About to do my first US tax return since moving to Germany. Of the various types of German social charges, it seems to me like health and nursing care insurance contributions might be able to be classified as foreign income taxes and therefore used to take a foreign tax credit in the US. Anyone looked into this before?
  3. Yes, the passport came through fine. And as mentioned, include Germany in the city field (e.g. "Frankfurt, Germany"). These bill payment checks get processed mostly automatically on the bank's side, they just have to print the check using the address you entered. When it hits the post office they know what to do with it and not to send to Delaware. Let us know if it works for you!