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  1. Understood. Although the fact that many other KKs explicitly offer the MenB vaccine for children as an extra benefit does strongly suggest that it must be, if not universal, at least fairly common in Germany to give this vaccine (and not just for families from the UK).
  2. Of course, although they did send a detailed breakdown of the costs they were paying for and it clearly said Men B on there.   But nevertheless, to repeat, this question was about crowdsourcing data points from others' experiences, and speculation about our own case is (in the nicest possible way) rather unhelpful.
  3. They didn't say. We just submitted it as a travel vaccination and they paid for it without explanation. We are just not sure if we will get away with it again.
  4. Reiterating the original post: TK say publicly that they don't cover the MenB vaccine, but paid for one dose in our case with no specific medical indication. Was hoping that other members' experience could illuminate whether they are (quietly) paying for the MenB vaccine in general, notwithstanding statements to the contrary, or if our first case was an isolated exception.
  5. Thanks but doesn't really help. TK officially covers only travel vaccines (in addition to the standard vaccination list) and MenB isn't currently a recommended vaccine for travel to any specific country. The original post was asking for more data points on other folks' success/failure receiving reimbursement for the MenB vaccine notwithstanding its exclusion by TK.
  6. TK officially doesn't cover the Meningitis B vaccine, but with our first kid we submitted one dose of it as a travel vaccination and they paid it. (First two doses were done on the NHS)   Now baby #2 is soon to arrive and looking at which parent's insurance to put the baby on (we are with different Krankenkassen). Trying to guess if we would have the same luck getting MenB paid for the second time around. Did anyone else with TK have success or alternatively failure getting the MenB paid for?
  7. I am a US/UK dual citizen who moved from the UK to Germany in early 2018. I have been investing since roughly 2009 into a portfolio of Vanguard (US) equity index funds and ETFs. If I were to sell some of those shares today, the resulting gains would have partly arisen while I was resident in Germany but mostly before.   Question: Under German tax law, is the whole of any capital gain subject to capital gains tax, or only the part that arose after becoming a German tax resident?   Simplified example: Purchased 1 share of ETF XYZ in 2009 for $10/share. Price on the day I move to Germany in 2018 is $100. Then I sell the stock today for $110. Is the German taxable gain then $10 or $100 (in either case converted to euros).   I asked my Lohnsteuerhilfeverein but the information I am getting back is not completely clear so I am looking for info on my own as well. This question must have come up before but my searching hasn't turned up anything so far.   Thanks!