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  1. Since no one answered, I tried this and it was successful. I thought I would share my hack here in case it helps someone else. Here are the steps: In your US bank's online banking, set up a new payee: US Department of State c/o your_name your_street Set the City to "your city, Germany" and the State to Delaware (DE). Set the zip code to your German postcode. This gets around the limitation of only US addresses being accepted. Make a bill payment for $110 (current cost of renewal by mail). If asked for a payment reference, enter your name. Wait for bank to mail a paper check and for the check to land in your German mailbox Send passport renewal application to the US Consulate in Frankfurt Check online banking to confirm check has cleared Wait for new passport Although I haven't yet received the renewed passport, I can confirm that the check from my bank made it through the international mail to my German address and that the check has now been fully cleared. I didn't pay any service charges and it was much easier than trying to find a USD cashier's check or money order in Germany!
  2. Does anyone use a financial aggregation tool (i.e. a service that screen scrapes all your various online banking tools and brings the balance and transaction data all into one place) that supports your German bank accounts?   I was using Yodlee for many years and had it linked to my ING account, as well as all my UK and US bank accounts. But they dropped support for all European banks last year due to regulatory changes and I haven't found an alternative yet.
  3. Has anyone tried using their US based bank's (free of charge) bill payment service to have a check issued for a passport renewal?