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  1. Cities near forest or mountains

    I can highly recommend Freiburg im Breisgau. I don't live there myself, but I know the city very well. It is  a very lively city of around 240000 with loads of cultural events and a beautiful cathedral. You can walk  from the city centre to the hills of the Black Forest or ride your bike to the Rhine and the French border (about 15 km, I've done it several times) or take the train to the Swiss city of Basel (about 35 min.).
  2. Back then in 2005 I ticked the "Nein" box on the question "Vermeidung von Mehrstaatigkeit" and wrote the following reason (I still have a copy of the form in my files):   "Ich beziehe mich auf Paragraph 87  Absatz 2 Ausländergesetz, wonach von EU-Bürgern die Aufgabe  der bisherigen Staatsbürgerschaft nicht verlangt wird, deren Staaten dies von deutschen Bewerbern auch nicht verlangen, also das Prinzip der Gegenseitigkeit."  Of course, the legal situation is different now, as the UK has already left the EU and is now in the  transition period until the end of December. I don't know how this works with people from the UK applying for citizenship now.