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  1. Induction Cooktop - model recommendations

    We had the wiring in the kitchen completely redone and installed a new induction hob in 2016 and  are quite satisfied. Most of our pots were induction compatible anyway, and we took the opportunity  to buy a few new ones.  The hob reacts spontaneously, very similar to gas. If it thinks the pot has  boiled dry, it automatically shuts down. This has happened twice so far, due to our own negligence,  but no melted pots or fire or smoke in the kitchen. The "boost" function is very quick to bring a pot  of water to a boil. The only disadvantage is that the touch keys are under the glass at the front part   of the unit and are sometimes insensitve to wet or cold fingers. We have a Miele, but I would hesitate  to recommend any particular make or model.