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  1. Back in 2005 when I applied in Ba-Wü the Meldebescheinigung was not needed, the Beamter told  me he had access to the records anyway. I still had the "unbefristete Aufenthaltsberechtigung" from the  early 90s and was asked to hand it in when I collected the Einbürgerungsurkunde: "You won't need  that anymore, you have citizenship".  I also did not need to provide translations of my birth certificate  or any other documents. The Beamter said "that's fine, I can read English". I think he wanted to  impress me with his knowledge of English.  Overall it was a surprisingly painless procedure for me.  Hope it works out for you as well!
  2. C2 Language Exam Tips?

    Did I NEED the C2 certificate? No, not really, it was not a prerequisite for anything else. But ten years later when I finally decided to get dual citzenship and went for the interview at the Landratsamt, the  Beamter ask me "Do you have any proof of your knowledge of the German language?". We had been  speaking German during the interview - of course! I gave him a copy of the C2 certificate and he said "OK, that will do" and went on to the next question. No language test, no further questions about my  German. I have also used it for job applications, etc. - same again, no further questions concerning  my ability to communicate in German. For that it was worth the effort, and for my own personal  satisfaction.
  3. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    @DerekYes, the passport renewal form had box for declaring any additional citzenships. I sent a fotocopy of  my UK passport to the Passport Agency, but they were not satisfied with it and asked for another "better"  copy, including all (blank) pages and both covers. My application was approved only after I sent that in.    @pappnaseI went to Russia with a friend, who (at the time) only had a UK passport. He hat to pay three  times as much for the visa fees as I did with my German passport. 
  4. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    Just for the record: I have renewed both passports since I was granted dual citizenship back in 2005. I was  given a "Merkblatt für Doppelstaatler" when I picked up my certificate of citzenship. Earlier this year I  renewed my UK passport and the Passport Agency wanted a colour fotocopy of my entire German  passort, including the front and back covers. When I renewed my German passport a couple of years  ago the Germans didn't seem to be bothered by the fact that I also still have a UK passport.  
  5. Rude receptionist at Doctor's office

    This has been an ongoing thing since I've been in Germany, 36 years now.  I think a lot has changed over the years. Germans are not as rude as  they were back in the 80s. Shopkeepers have found that a bit of helpful kindness to customers sells more goods. I have changed too, now I speak fluent German and am more self confident. If need be, I can dish it out  back to them when they are rude to me - in no uncertain terms.  I've probably also become more tolerant of behaviour and words that a  newcomer from the UK or US would find rude. Somehow it's part of the  culture in Germany to be "up front" and viciously honest.  There have been countless discussions with friends and acquaintances  from the UK on this topic over the years and I can only say: try  not to take it personally - but also stand your ground and command  respect!