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  1. Moving back to the USA and I am not taking my furniture with me.   following bookcases: 2 ikea kallax schwarz-braun 4x4 regal 4 ikea kallax schwarz-braun 4x2 regal 1 ikea kallax schwarz-braun 4x1 regal 2 ikea kallax schwarz-braun 2x2 regal   shoe cabinet: 4 ikea bissa schwarz-braun schuhschrank   Samsung sound bar   2 ikea besta tv bench   American king size Sealy pillow top mattress and king bed frame   Most items are on my kleinanzeigen page since I cannot upload fotos here: https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-bestandsliste.html?userId=55757366   DM to discuss pickup. All furniture is in good condition and prices are all reasonable.
  2. Claiming unemployment benefits in Munich

    Thanks for all the replies, I really appreciate it as when you get let go - you usually aren't prepared for it, so this has been helpful.   And to people who think I am trying to game the system - I am not, I am trying to figure out what I deserve/receive before I go back to the USA. I will give up my apartment by end of January, will only get two months more salary (til end of November), so I am just trying to figure out how the unemployment would work. And I did pay into the system for almost 30 months, so I don't think I am being unfair in my thinking.
  3. Claiming unemployment benefits in Munich

    Adding to this thread (note that I am an American with a Blue Card in Munich - not tied to job):   Today I was unexpectedly let go in month 5 out of 6 of Probezeit. It was really surprising and I am still shocked, but they will pay me til Nov 30 (I don't have to go in tho). I notified Arbeitsamt this morning. Before this short stint, I worked for another German company for 24 months, so I meet the requirement of getting ALG1.   Questions:  - Is it normal to ask job for this Arbeitsbescheinigung? Seems weird? And also my previous employer too? Feels awkward. - As Blue Card holder, I can only stay 3 months after losing job from what I read...so I can only get 3 months of benefits even though I worked 28 months in Germany? If it matters, I also worked 42 months in Switzerland. - I plan on moving back to USA, I am ready. I miss my family and friends and a variety of other reasons. Can any benefits be paid while I am searching there?   Thanks for any assistance. Still in shock.
  4. Lots of negative responses - here is a positive one. I lived and worked in Basel for 4 years at the uni. Lots of people coming and going in that type of environment, that's life sometimes. Yes, Swiss German is spoken on playgrounds and in city. But school is Hoch Deutsch. They do not teach in Swiss German. And what's wrong with learning some Swiss German? It's fun and I still incorporate some of the words into my life here in Germany. Best friend moved to Germany when his son was 11 from Basel after only studying in CH. Kid had a hard month or two, but with support from teachers and parents, its fine. Now he's almost finished with his studies in Aachen and will go on to uni.   The hardest part for him - he never used an "s-set" in CH. The teacher would constantly correct him for making two s's in homework.   It's ok to sometimes do something for yourself. If you want the job/experience/whatever in CH, why not. It's a BEAUTIFUL country with a lot to offer, so much hiking, great food, nice people. I'd move back in a heartbeat. Just remember that a 6 is the best grade, not a 1  
  5. Hi - searched the forum but didn't see anything about this specific question regarding Blue Card...   Have a Blue Card since April 2018. In May 2020, I changed jobs (waited my 2 years) and moved from Ludwigshafen to Munich. In July, I was flying thru FRA from USA. Due to corona, passport control inspected my Blue Card more closely and asked where I was going. The Blue Card has my old LU address on it and I explained I moved to Munich just recently and was headed there. He said I should contact someone to get a sticker to put over the old address with the new address.   Has anyone done this? Is it really necessary? I am properly registered in Munich, not sure if the Blue Card really needs correct address?   Also searching sticker and Blue Card here comes up with all these things about "stickers in passport" - which is NOT what I am looking for.   Thanks in advance!!
  6. Free COVID testing in Munich

    https://www.corona-teststelle.de/   This is where I registered in Munich to get an appt in mid-July after I returned from USA. Registered and they sent a form to fill out before coming. Went on a Wednesday (7/15) at noon and got the results by Thursday (7/16) at 7pm via email. They said they would call if it was positive, but it wasn't so...   There are 3 test centers to make the appointment at...
  7. As someone who has traveled from USA to Germany twice during the pandemic (as a US citizen with German residency), I can tell you it's more in the airlines hands than you realize. I was not allowed to check in within 24 hours on my flights with United from EWR-FRA and IAD-FRA. I went to the airport 2 hours before the flight and had to show them my German visa proving that I had a legitimate reason for going to Germany. They then had to override it in the system that I was indeed allowed to board and luckily were super nice about it. It's not like the lines were long anyways lol.   They also make multiple announcements before boarding that you must be a EU citizen or have residency to board the plane. When I flew on July 12 IAD-FRA, the gate agents also checked my visa again.   I have also read of an American couple who are influencers and they flew from JFK to Croatia via AMS. Since they had a layover in AMS they had to show papers from Croatian govt at JFK that they were invited to even board. The airlines are really checking. Sounds like the Easyjet example made a mistake sadly in the wrong way.
  8. I would like to also add more positivity about Smoovr. My company agreed to reimburse my move up to a certain amount and they have two companies they work directly with or I could find one on my own. The two I contacted quoted me DOUBLE what Smoovr did, so I went with Smoovr of course. It was a very easy move comparatively, as moving is never really easy. It was two days due to distance and they put the kitchen back together. I would definitely use them again and was really pleased. If you get to work with Khalid, you won't be disappointed. He was so positive and upbeat, it made the day go easier.
  9. I just moved from Ludwigshafen to Munich this past month. From what I read online, I didn't have to physically go into Amt to register due to corona. I could fill out and send by mail:   - registration form - copy of passport (also included copy of my blue card just in case) - submit Wohnungsgeberbestaetigung   ( https://www.muenchen.de/rathaus/terminvereinbarung_bb.html )   I mailed all the documents on May 28. Nothing yet, however my dogs were properly registered in Munich. They contacted me to ask if I registered in Munich and I said I had sent the paperwork and a few days later, I got the dogs registration. I have also tried calling the amt, but no one answered.   Has anyone successfully registered in Munich by mail during corona time? Should I be worried?
  10. Travel to the US and back.

    I traveled to the US in March (right before things really got shut down) and returned to Germany in mid-April (somewhat during the height of the siutation). I flew United and would recommend the same. I was at IAD and EWR and didn't see any KLM, Swiss or Lufthansa planes. It was fine, it all worked out, the service was just less than normal (ie I flew in Polaris and we didn't have real silverware or plates, no glass of champs, food was prepackaged but still better than economy). If you want more even more current info, you could also search flyertalk.com. It's a blog about all airlines and flying and includes lots of info about the current situation (ie current transatlantic food offering, disembarking, route info, blah blah).   I just booked a ticket to fly to FRA-IAD for a week in July. For these flights, certain seats were blocked off, whereas in April, it wasn't. I read on flyertalk they think some things will be returning to more of a normal flying experience with onboard service starting July 1. Probably have to wear a mask and have distancing, but it's improving. Also, they change rules as things go on, something to remember.   Good luck!
  11. Assistance with filing American tax returns

    I still do. I have capital one 360 which has a mobile app with check deposit. However, you have to be located in the USA to use that function. I have tried with multiple vpns from Germany, but it always has a problem with it. Once I texted the photos of the check to a friend, had her login to my acct from the USA and do it. But that’s so much effort 😂
  12. Moving to Munich from USA

    I also find TT to be somewhat negative and lots of hijacked threads. So I usually sift thru to find what I want to read. So don't get discouraged original poster!! Back to the original topic for the original poster:   I moved from DC to Switzerland 6 years ago and did a ton of research on the Swiss equivalent blog (englishforum.ch). I very often came across the same thing - "I wish I would have brought my bed", I read it OVER and OVER. I also find European beds to be terrible. Thin, no support, just terrible!!!!   So I shipped half a container and had my king sized bed and frame. I also brought furniture - Crate and Barrel, which is quite expensive and so it made it worth it to ship it. it's not like I was shipping Ikea stuff. I couldn't have been happier. I still have the bed and mattress and all of my personal stuff - photo albums, millions of books, family stuff (no street value, but valuable to me). Yes, you can't get sheets or duvets here. I have brought new ones back myself and a friend once brought them when visiting. So don't worry, there are ways around it.   Two years ago I moved to Germany and still have most of the furniture. Yes, the bed was a tight fit in my Swiss apt, but in my German apt, I have a ton of space. So it's up to you!!! Yes read all the comments, but decide for yourself. Here is at least one post that is positive about bringing your bed (also any European who stays over always loves my bed  ) I personally, have not regretted it once.    Can't comment on a car. I haven't owned one since I left DC and just rent one occasionally and use train.
  13. Assistance with filing American tax returns

    FYI...today I received my stimulus check at my German mailing address. I filed my 2019 taxes back in March and used my address here. I did try to use the IRS tracker and could never get logged in so I was obviously pleased when I saw it in my mailbox today! It is valid for one year, so I guess I will cash it next time I am in USA.   Good luck to anyone else waiting for one!