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  1. I would like to also add more positivity about Smoovr. My company agreed to reimburse my move up to a certain amount and they have two companies they work directly with or I could find one on my own. The two I contacted quoted me DOUBLE what Smoovr did, so I went with Smoovr of course. It was a very easy move comparatively, as moving is never really easy. It was two days due to distance and they put the kitchen back together. I would definitely use them again and was really pleased. If you get to work with Khalid, you won't be disappointed. He was so positive and upbeat, it made the day go easier.
  2. I just moved from Ludwigshafen to Munich this past month. From what I read online, I didn't have to physically go into Amt to register due to corona. I could fill out and send by mail:   - registration form - copy of passport (also included copy of my blue card just in case) - submit Wohnungsgeberbestaetigung   ( https://www.muenchen.de/rathaus/terminvereinbarung_bb.html )   I mailed all the documents on May 28. Nothing yet, however my dogs were properly registered in Munich. They contacted me to ask if I registered in Munich and I said I had sent the paperwork and a few days later, I got the dogs registration. I have also tried calling the amt, but no one answered.   Has anyone successfully registered in Munich by mail during corona time? Should I be worried?
  3. Travel to the US and back.

    I traveled to the US in March (right before things really got shut down) and returned to Germany in mid-April (somewhat during the height of the siutation). I flew United and would recommend the same. I was at IAD and EWR and didn't see any KLM, Swiss or Lufthansa planes. It was fine, it all worked out, the service was just less than normal (ie I flew in Polaris and we didn't have real silverware or plates, no glass of champs, food was prepackaged but still better than economy). If you want more even more current info, you could also search flyertalk.com. It's a blog about all airlines and flying and includes lots of info about the current situation (ie current transatlantic food offering, disembarking, route info, blah blah).   I just booked a ticket to fly to FRA-IAD for a week in July. For these flights, certain seats were blocked off, whereas in April, it wasn't. I read on flyertalk they think some things will be returning to more of a normal flying experience with onboard service starting July 1. Probably have to wear a mask and have distancing, but it's improving. Also, they change rules as things go on, something to remember.   Good luck!
  4. Assistance with filing American tax returns

    I still do. I have capital one 360 which has a mobile app with check deposit. However, you have to be located in the USA to use that function. I have tried with multiple vpns from Germany, but it always has a problem with it. Once I texted the photos of the check to a friend, had her login to my acct from the USA and do it. But that’s so much effort 😂
  5. Moving to Munich from USA

    I also find TT to be somewhat negative and lots of hijacked threads. So I usually sift thru to find what I want to read. So don't get discouraged original poster!! Back to the original topic for the original poster:   I moved from DC to Switzerland 6 years ago and did a ton of research on the Swiss equivalent blog (englishforum.ch). I very often came across the same thing - "I wish I would have brought my bed", I read it OVER and OVER. I also find European beds to be terrible. Thin, no support, just terrible!!!!   So I shipped half a container and had my king sized bed and frame. I also brought furniture - Crate and Barrel, which is quite expensive and so it made it worth it to ship it. it's not like I was shipping Ikea stuff. I couldn't have been happier. I still have the bed and mattress and all of my personal stuff - photo albums, millions of books, family stuff (no street value, but valuable to me). Yes, you can't get sheets or duvets here. I have brought new ones back myself and a friend once brought them when visiting. So don't worry, there are ways around it.   Two years ago I moved to Germany and still have most of the furniture. Yes, the bed was a tight fit in my Swiss apt, but in my German apt, I have a ton of space. So it's up to you!!! Yes read all the comments, but decide for yourself. Here is at least one post that is positive about bringing your bed (also any European who stays over always loves my bed  ) I personally, have not regretted it once.    Can't comment on a car. I haven't owned one since I left DC and just rent one occasionally and use train.
  6. Assistance with filing American tax returns

    FYI...today I received my stimulus check at my German mailing address. I filed my 2019 taxes back in March and used my address here. I did try to use the IRS tracker and could never get logged in so I was obviously pleased when I saw it in my mailbox today! It is valid for one year, so I guess I will cash it next time I am in USA.   Good luck to anyone else waiting for one!
  7. Travelling in Germany in times of Corona

    Last week (Thurs Apr 16) I had to return a rental car to Frankfurt Airport and then took the train back home. Took an ICE from Frankfurt Flughof to Mannheim. Was one other person in my wagon at 930 am (normally unheard of on this strecke, usually people sitting on the floor!!!). Conductor checked my ticket on my handy and didn't ask any questions. I didn't have to do anything unusual to get on train or show anything. You should be fine.
  8. EU travel ban questions

      For those interested: my experience about getting back in.   I changed my flight to April 8 since it was a free change. When I went to do mobile check-in, it kept saying I needed documents. I thought eh fine. When I got to Dulles, I scanned my passport like usual, but then couldn't get boarding passes. I gave them my aufenthaltstitel to show I am really a German resident, so United overrode the error and I got the passes. Took about 10 minutes. There was nowhere to enter this info at check-in and I only have a US passport. Flew from Dulles to Newark. Both airports dead.   Then flew to Frankfurt. Was repeated often you need EU passport or EU resident card of some sort for entry. At landing, they said no one should get up once at gate as someone would come in 15 minutes to tell us how to deplane. Someone eventually arrived and said 40 passengers could disembark every 15 minutes to maintain social distancing. Since I was in business, I was in first group. Went thru airport, completely dead. They were controlling a lot of the paths and had marks on floor for passport control.   Now crazy part (imo) - no form to fill out about being in USA, where I'd traveled, do I have any symptoms. No handouts to tell me to do anything. Passport control only asked one question - did I live in Germany. I couldn't believe no info was taken or tracked. Really crazy. I mean, I will stay at home anyways, but I wonder how many people will since they weren't told to...   But the point is...I got back in, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. If anyone is traveling from US to EU right now and don't have an EU passport, looks like you just have to show your resident permit at check-in.
  9. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    For anyone who has recently booked with Air China:   For Easter holiday I was supposed to fly to Thailand via China with Air China (I like the airline and usually much cheaper fares than Lufthansa!). I booked directly with them the first week of January. Due to everything, I went to Air China’s website and cancelled the flight. You could choose a reason and I choose “covid-19”. Said it would take 10-15 days for the refund and be patient and please don’t call.    Got refund back on my cc within 8 days. So Air China followed thru. I was quite pleased! Hope everyone else has luck like this too. Stay positive. If it’s a good company, they should do the right thing.    I also have one intl flight next month with United. They’ve offered ETC so haven’t decided what to do with that yet. I read DOT is saying they must refund. I’ll figure it out later. 
  10. Assistance with filing American tax returns

    Reviving this thread due to the mention of the word "stimulus", taxes, and American...   Any word on if US citizens living abroad who are current on filing their taxes in US will be able to get the 2020 corona virus stimulus checks? I have heard mixed things...I heard it happened back in 2008, but I was still living in US then. I have filed my US taxes since living abroad, but don't think they have my US checking acct number due to me never owing anything. I'll take the mailed check, but I guess that's much more annoying.   If I gets the money, I'll takes the money :) 
  11. EU travel ban questions

    Update for those interested: my flight from DC to Frankfurt on April 6 is no longer direct (normally there are 4 a day, 5 during summer!). United is sending me to Newark first. I’ll assume there will now only be one or two flights a day between USA and Frankfurt til this craziness is over: Newark and maybe somewhere on west coast. But I can only confirm Newark at this time.    However, I would rather be routed in the USA instead of some random city in Europe and there being no flights from Lufthansa. I have friends and family all over the states and could crash with someone. I want Frankfurt to hopefully be my only and final entry into Europe.    One more side note: I was supposed to go to DC Apr 20-27. HIGHLY unlikely I will, but this fight has also been rerouted thru Newark both ways. More data points...I will change it as the date gets closer. No rush at this point!
  12. EU travel ban questions

    https://www.auswaertiges-amt.de/en/einreiseundaufenthalt/coronavirus   in case anyone else is concerned!!
  13. EU travel ban questions

      I've only been here 2 weeks. Employed and registered  in Germany   Thanks for the answers. I appreciate it!
  14. EU travel ban questions

    I have looked on all news articles and even tweeted some news organizations about it, but haven't managed to find the answer...   Due to the new EU travel ban announced yesterday (3/17/20), are valid Blue Card holders allowed back into Germany during this 30 day ban? Some comments by taggeschau on instagram or twitter said non-EU citizens with D visas are allowed, but no other types of visas were mentioned.   For context, I am an American living and working in Germany, but currently in the US for personal reasons. I have a valid blue card til May 2022 and have a flight back from DC to Frankfurt on April 6. A blue card is not a permanent resident permit, so hence the confusion. And I don't think United is the person to ask about this. I have a feeling that I am ok and will still be able to enter, but one never knows. And it's not like when leaving the US, they check the visa status.  Also, I am aware the situation may change and there could be no flights between EU and US in coming weeks, but just wondering if I should come back earlier, stay, or wait til after the 30 days.