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  1. Travel to the US and back.

    You can order a self test from United for the flight from Europe to USA. But you have to be in USA for this. But then you do self test while in Europe and talk to doctor and then upload result.    I can also attest, a quick schnell test in a city center was enough to board flight from FRA-ORD today July 21. I took one yesterday in Worms (was nose), which is free and got results by pdf in 15 minutes. Note - pdf was password protected so this cannot be uploaded to United’s website. It was denied at first (had to export as new pdf and reupload). Annoying but life.  Also had a schnell test in Mainz that was antigen and spit into a cup. Wild, but got pdf in 15 min. This also would have worked for flight to USA.    You can also book a test at Frankfurt airport. It’s on site or they have an option with car next to airport. This is another idea but is pricey in my opinion. Also, I didn’t like the website. Antigen can be 48 hours before so I would just book in a city center in Germany day before. My test result was in German but was accepted by United.    If anyone has more qs, ping me. I travel a lot and always try to give up to date info. 
  2. Travel to the US and back.

    Just flew with United and arrived on July 15, ORD-FRA. As stated for arrival to Germany, you Need Proof of vax or negative test.    I uploaded my document at check in. Was approved immediately. Then at gate, they checked document again and gave a red dot sticker on your passport. I watched the agent check documents and she just gave them a quick glance over. She also had a list of requirements for other countries as Frankfurt is a huge entry point to go elsewhere to ensure the documents were appropriate for final destination country. Airlines are who gets in trouble if someone tries to get in that shouldn’t.    At passport control, they asked for document I showed airline. Overall, was easy peasy.    Flight was full. Only 3 business seats open and I flew a lot in 2020 between Frankfurt and USA where there were only ~10 people in business (one time had 5!). I could see the difference. 
  3. Travel to the US and back.

      Just wanted to add a few things. I didn't travel from Germany recently, but did go from both Dominican and Aruba back to USA. Antigen test is fine, as is PCR. If you fly with United, you can upload your result before flying and they will approve it. This was useful as in the Dominican, the doctor accidentally put the wrong date of test and United caught it (I wouldn't have otherwise). Had to go back to hotel doctor and have another result printed.   But you still have to show United when checking in. Test is not needed once in USA. My last time with Lufthansa to USA was in January and I showed the result at boarding gate.
  4. Eligibility for Covid stimulus checks

    Wanted to give an update on this topic. I received my first stimmy in April of 2020 when I was living in Mannheim. Then I moved to Munich and didn't forward my mail (my decision, don't need anyone's advice on that). I then never received the second or the third one that was mailed in 2021. I claimed number two on my 2020 taxes.   Then I got a letter in mail saying my 2020 return was adjusted to zero. I felt this was wrong so I called IRS for weeks (they suggest this in the mailed letter) and finally got thru. She said this was happening often. There was a software "glitch" that keeps adjusting returns that are supposed to get stimulus. She could see that check 2 was actually returned (I guess eventually Deutsche Post returned it). After 6 weeks, they will mail a new check to my new address. Success!   Since I had the IRS on the phone, I enquired about check 3. She ran a trace and she said if no one has cashed it, a new one will be mailed in 4 weeks. If for some crazy reason, someone did cash it, they send a packet on how to recoup it.   Overall, I am super pleased with these outcomes. Hope this can help someone else out as it's not always easy to navigate being abroad/taxes as an American!