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  1. This is a little bit further away but...in Mannheim there is a place called Upper Glass. It has craft beer from Sweden, UK, and USA among other places. They also usually have 2-3 beers on tap so you can take a growler home. And they let you taste before buying   It has a great variety of offerings and are ok priced. They even have my favorite beer from Virginia from a brewer called Aslin (IPA called 'Beer Drinking is Not a Crime') in Mannheim is a bar called Tap Room with a lot of good beer as well.   In Mainz, you can got to Kuehn Kunz Rosen for good beer: IPA, lager and often a rotating tap. It's quite tasty as well. The brewery has a more American feel, which I like. They have events as well year round. Drinking Bitburger all the time can get exhausting. Also in Mainz is Sixties and they usually have about 20-30 different bottled craft beers.   Side note: I usually just bring beer back from the US whenever I am on a business trip. usually cheaper and then I can really try a variety of beers :)