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  1. Letter that shows marital status

      Last update. The Swiss pension accepted this form!! Of course now they need like 5 other forms, but that's another story. Thanks again @snowingagain
  2. 3 room apt in Schwabing West

    My monthly salary aside, I am just looking for a Nachmieter. It's a new building, great area, and great location for access to many things.   Would be good for family just starting out as there is 2 bedrooms.   Kitchen is 2500 euros.
  3. 3 room apt on first floor available in Schwabing West for 2070 euros a month. New building. Can move in as soon as Jan 15 or also in February. Close to Peutelpark, Schwabinger Tor Haltstelle or Munchner Tor Haltstelle, 20 minute walk to Munchner Freiheit   80 m2. 2 bedroom, open floor plan of kitchen and living room, 2 bathrooms 5400 euros kaution Floor heating   Parking available underground in building for 75 euros/month   Balcony Kellar. Elevator. Kitchen to take over. Love the area and building. Only leaving because I am moving back to the USA.   Pics available here:   https://www.immobilienscout24.de/expose/124986138   DM me for more info or to visit.
  4. Letter that shows marital status

    Update: got the form, thanks so much!!! Went to Munchen Burger office and they filled it out, stamp and all  Sent it to Switzerland, hope it works.   Thanks to all for suggestions.
  5. Travel to the US and back.

    I flew FRA - IAD October 28 and came back Nov 15. Entering USA is like pre-corona. No more health checks/temp checks or anything. You do have to prove you are allowed into the USA tho before leaving Germany.    Returning to FRA has changed every time I return and I have done 6 trips since March. The latest as of mid-Nov is Germany requires you to fill out a form to enter the country (previously the airlines were handing it out and FA told me sometimes no one even collected it). The forms can now be filled out online, but I am not a fan of data collection so I didn't fill it out online. FA asked if anyone needed it so I filled my out on the plane and when I returned no one asked for it. However, I came back from Egypt on December 3 and passport control in Frankfurt asked for the form.   Lufthansa and United both informed me by email that Germany requires this form for entry and then says check the quarantine rules of your final destination.   The rules are constantly changing. But most important are the entry rules. US requires no test. Germany requires a form. Test has to do with the amount of time you are required to quarantine once returning.
  6. Letter that shows marital status

    I am reviving this old thread. My Swiss pension needs proof I am not married. They said just go to an "amt".   So I emailed the Munich Standesamt and they said they can provide me with my registration that says I am "single". However, this isn't enough as I already sent this to the Swiss pension. How do I prove I am actually not married???   I also checked the US consulate in Munich and the website also said to check with local amt. I haven't emailed yet as I wanted to check here.   Any help would be greatly appreciated!!