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  1. This is a little bit further away but...in Mannheim there is a place called Upper Glass. It has craft beer from Sweden, UK, and USA among other places. They also usually have 2-3 beers on tap so you can take a growler home. And they let you taste before buying   It has a great variety of offerings and are ok priced. They even have my favorite beer from Virginia from a brewer called Aslin (IPA called 'Beer Drinking is Not a Crime') in Mannheim is a bar called Tap Room with a lot of good beer as well.   In Mainz, you can got to Kuehn Kunz Rosen for good beer: IPA, lager and often a rotating tap. It's quite tasty as well. The brewery has a more American feel, which I like. They have events as well year round. Drinking Bitburger all the time can get exhausting. Also in Mainz is Sixties and they usually have about 20-30 different bottled craft beers.   Side note: I usually just bring beer back from the US whenever I am on a business trip. usually cheaper and then I can really try a variety of beers :)
  2. So I read all your messages, thank you all very much. I really appreciate it.   The real concern I have is...can he do anything here? ...    To answer some of the questions: -No, I am not in the military. Just here working.   -I only considered giving him the down payment back because he made me feel sorry for him. I was trying to be nice. I tried to sell it, stayed on the market 60 days and was no movement. I dropped the price (considerably) twice. So I went back to the rental market or otherwise I would to have to had to pay a ton of money to get rid of it. But being nice doesn't always work.   -Any money he gave me never went into my German bank account.   -I also suggested selling the land he inherited to not worry about tax bill or have to pay it, but he said he couldn't do it in time...not sure if thats true. He has 4 siblings still in Germany and they all received the same tax bill. Not sure if you can ask for installments with Finanzamt? But I have enough things to worry out instead of solving his problems.
  3. Hi, I have searched the forum already, but didn't come up with much regarding my issue as its quite specific...   I am an American living in Germany with a blue card. Permanent contract in RLP.   When I was still in America, I had a German boyfriend for 7 years. He now has dual US/German citizenship. Over the course of the relationship, we paid for things together and because we thought we would be together forever...he gave me some money as a down payment on a house in the USA (the house is only in my name though). Then we also paid off a car together, paid off credit cards together, etc. When I moved to Germany, he gave me the money for the security deposit (on the idea he would join me eventually). Well, the relationship didn't work out and now he wants all the money back. He recently inherited some land here in Germany and got a tax bill from the Finanzamt for >25k euros. Unfortunately, I feel like we were in a relationship and I didn't keep track of what I gave him and so there is nothing to pay back. We were supposed to be building a life together and I can't help now that he has a large tax bill.   I did try to sell the house recently on the idea that he could at least have the down payment back. However, this didn't work out so all the money is still tied up in the house. And the rental income barely covers the mortgage, so its not like I am making a ton of money off the house (hence, why I tried to sell it). Nor do I have a ton of money even if I wanted to give him some (American with 140k in student loans...)   So the question is, can a German citizen sue me here in Germany for something that happened in the USA??? I mean, I know he could sue me in the USA, but this would be quite hard as it would be impossible for him or someone to serve me with papers. I haven't seen him in over 2 years and he has no idea when or where I am when I visit the USA (nor do I do tell him or have any contact with him). Does he have any standing here with something that happened in the USA? He still lives in the USA, but he is a German citizen so could come here if he wanted to do something legally (at least I assume so).   I have emails that discuss the down payment as a gift. We don't have any sort of contract regarding the money (not so romantic if we did), so I am not sure what proof he can actually show besides bank statements. He is the one contacting me by phone and email. I ignore all calls as the stress from the situation is too much (the relationship was difficult enough, which is why its over). I have tried to give as much info regarding the situation. Hopefully it is clear.   Any sort of help would be greatly appreciated!!   Thanks.