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  1. What is AMVI???

    AND now another Debt Collection company is trying to co " Collect" this debt PLUS Interest. they dont even know WHERE it came from or what AMVI is. This is making no sense at all!!!!
  2. Yeah but the feel of a forum can never be fulfilled by facebook groups!!!  
  3. Life in Kaiserslautern for single people

      Hey just looking out for you!!!
  4. Life in Kaiserslautern for single people

     Graff and Vielsek SUCK!!!! Stay away from there!!! Literally nothing and SUPER COLD
  5. futile

    I am confused...  What color was the car?
  6. What is AMVI???

    Hello! I got a call from a Debt Collector about a company in Germany called AMVI that says we owe them money. I have been out or Germany for 4 years and is wondering if any of you have heard of AMVI? I have searched Google and cant find anything on them. Also my wife told me that any debts in Germany older than 2 years falls off and isn't tried to be collected anymore? Is that true?