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  1. Smartphones and iPhones for 5th grade kids in Gymnasium?

    I bought a cheap android phone for my daughter who was 9 years old last year. Since I need to go to office leaving her at home for one or 2 hours, it was my decision to buy her one. But it is linked to my phone by family link and only calls will be allowed. Last year she was not allowed to take it to school though because we live 2 minutes away and he went to Hort in the afternoon. She didn't ask for it too. This year I ask her to take it because she takes bus alone and will be back home before I reach home from work. Still only calls are allowed due to family link restrictions. YouTube or WhatsApp is for half an hour each. She tried to download few games (under 12 ratings ) but I blocked it when the automatic message for permission arrives. Only those which she really likes to use 5 min each. I must say I am very relieved that now she has a mobile with her and I can reach her or the other way around if she missed the bus. She has also the school app installed in it so she can see any changes in the lessons and rooms and can contact teachers if there is something to ask. In WhatsApp, I search it once in a while and there too no contacts except the one that I allowed and I know the password of the phone. I had spent less than 100 euros to buy that  phone and will never spent more than that even if she argues with me.
  2. The awful truth about Bausparen plans

    Hi all,   Last week I approached Postbank to inquire about a house loan. The lady whom I met with told me about this 'amazing' plan Bausparvertrag mit some input from state.  I asked for 200,000 Euros plan and I got a plan with Sollzinssatz of 2.35% with monthly installments of 400 Euros. I signed it thinking it is a very good plan especially now the interest rates are increasing 😥. I just got the letter from BHW and there it says I have to pay after some months 800 euros instead of 400 Euros . The text says  _"Die Allgemeinen Bedingungen für Bausparverträge sind Bestandteil Ihres Vertrags. Danach beträgt der monatliche Regelsparbeitrag ($ ABB) 800 Euro. Ihre oben genannten Sparzahlung en werden davon vorerst nicht berührt".  So confused, I turned to this forum and found this thread.  After reading through the posts here especially the first one from Starshollow, now I am not sure if I made the right decision to sign it.      Details are    Tarifdaten Bausparsumme: 200,000 Euros Voraussichtlicher Zuteilungstermin: 01.06.2036 Abschlussgebühr: 3200 Euro (Verrechnung) Jahresentgelt: 12 Euros   Vereinbarte Zahlungen Sparbeitrag: 400 Euros Tilgungsbeitrag: 1200 Euros Staatliche Förderung: Es besteht ein Anspruch auf Wohnungsbauprämie ( Bindungsfrist 7 Jahre)   Berechnungsergebnis Summe der Sparraten : 66,000 Euros Mögliche Staatförderung: 2100 Euros - Wohnungsprämie : 2100 Euros 0.1 % Basisverzinsung:  408.54 Euros Laufzeit Sparphase: 13 Jahre 8 Monate   Mögliche Bauspardarlehen Bauspardarlehen: 136,965.46 Euros  Guthaben bei Zuteilung: 63034.54 Euros Monatliche Tilgung: 1200 Euros Laufzeit Tilgungsphase: 10 Jahre 8 Monat Sollzinssatz p.a: 2.35% Effektiver Jahreszins: 2.69%   Please help.   Kind regards,