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  1. German banks might be reluctant to accept a PoA which is not based on their individual templates and was not executed in front of one of their employees, confirming the identity of their customer. The latter can be resolved by a notary being present (as suggested above). Having ^'normal'  witnesses for a document signature does not carry much weight in Germany.
  2. Inheritance of a joint account

      I doubt this statement. In case there is - no will, - no kids and - no prenup the initial inheritance might only be 50%, but without a prenup the wife is also entitled to 25% as the flat Zugewinnausgleich (her share of what the couple has gained during the marriage). This source https://www.finanztip.de/ehegattenerbrecht/  seems to verify this (scroll down to Beispiel 2), which means that 75% remain with the widow and the parents are only entitled to 25%.      
  3. Moving boxes / shipping boxes exchange

    All boxes are gone.
  4. Moving boxes / shipping boxes exchange

    30 large moving boxes to give away for free. Good condition, most of them were used only once. Pickup in Schwabing.
  5. Employer ended Work vertrag without kundigung

    This may give you a rather strong leverage against your employer: It sounds like he was dodging tax and social security payments on the freelance part of your payments. Which is a crime and not taken kindly by the authorities - and the managing director will be personally liable for this. Fun fact: Berlin-based startups are also subject to German laws... Do seek legal advise ASAP.
  6. Face value of 34,95 per ticket confirmed. Get both for 50 EUR. Rather good seats, since I ordered early (well, apparently too early): Row 8, Seats 17+18.  
  7. Only gig in Southern Germany by the 2017 MacArthur Foundation “Genius Grant” winner !   But I can't make it to Darmstadt on Thursday, thus offering 2 Tickets at a discount. I think they were at 34 EUR each, offering both for 50 EUR. See here for further details and location: https://www.frankfurtticket.de/tickets/rhiannon-giddens-mit-francesco-turrisi-10876.32973/ And here for one (of many) great live video:   I'll be offline/airborne until around noon tomorrow, but can mail the tickets by Einschreiben tomorrow.  
  8. Money stolen from my bank account

      This has nothing to do with hacking or phishing. Everyone who knows your account details can trigger a direct debit. And you can claim back any money debited in such way to your account within six weeks without having to state any reason whatsoever for doing so. You do need to regularly check your accounts, though.