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  1. Pause Mcfit Membership

    They want to refund your monthly fees at the end of the lockdown ? This will only work if they are still around to do so - i.e. if they have not filed for bankruptcy. And if they remember their promise... Why should any member carry the risk of their insolvency ? They can deal with their landlords in order to reduce their monthly cost. They can file for Kurzarbeitergeld for their employees. And postings on a company website have very limited meaning. They could post that your membership triples during the crisis - which would have no legal meaning whatsoever. Finally, should they have related terms in their General Terms and Conditions: Not all terms in general terms and conditions are enforceable. Look at Sec 309 BGB for a few non-enforceable terms. Hint: Sec 309 Nr.2 a) might apply in this case.
  2. German banks might be reluctant to accept a PoA which is not based on their individual templates and was not executed in front of one of their employees, confirming the identity of their customer. The latter can be resolved by a notary being present (as suggested above). Having ^'normal'  witnesses for a document signature does not carry much weight in Germany.
  3. Inheritance of a joint account

      I doubt this statement. In case there is - no will, - no kids and - no prenup the initial inheritance might only be 50%, but without a prenup the wife is also entitled to 25% as the flat Zugewinnausgleich (her share of what the couple has gained during the marriage). This source https://www.finanztip.de/ehegattenerbrecht/  seems to verify this (scroll down to Beispiel 2), which means that 75% remain with the widow and the parents are only entitled to 25%.