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  1. Money stolen from my bank account

      This has nothing to do with hacking or phishing. Everyone who knows your account details can trigger a direct debit. And you can claim back any money debited in such way to your account within six weeks without having to state any reason whatsoever for doing so. You do need to regularly check your accounts, though.
  2. How to proceed when being fired before 12 months

    With a notice period of two months you will be employed at least until November 30. Which means that you will have paid social security contributions for 12 months and you will have met the requirement for 12 months of employment.   Payment of your salary during the notice period is not any form of compensation for losing your job. It is merely what the employer has to pay you under your existing employment contract. Compensation for losing your job due to restructuring of the company goes above and beyond that. We do not know whether there will be a Sozialplan. In case your company has a Betriebsrat / works council you should talk to them now before signing anything else.    
  3. All my heater meters went bonkers during hot weather

    So they gave it to you in writing that their calculation may be factually wrong and that they know about it ("etwaige Sommerzählimpulse....Herausrechnung findet nicht statt."). Good for you.   Get advise from the local Mieterbund and pay the 300 EUR while reserving all your rights only.   You may not be entitled to install a master valve without your landlord's written approval.
  4. Aufhebungsvereinbarung (Termination Contract) after resignation

    Did you already receive the Aufhebungsvereinbarung which your employer wants you to sign ? If so, does it - give a different end date ? - contain any statement according to which you'd be waiving any rights - contain any garden leave provision ?   Do you have a new job already lined up ? In case you do want/have to seek unemployment benefits an Aufhebungsvereinbarung may actually be beneficial for you.  
  5. It will be too late to involve a factoring company if there are already signs that this claim will run into problems. You'd be acting fraudulently yourself. If you win your court case, the other party will have to reimburse your legal fees.
  6. Do let me know in case you ever have to rent out property - happy to move in straight away with a landlord paying 18k for a tenant not moving out.
  7. Getting salary from current and previous employer

    Does the mutual termination agreement address this ? More often than not these cover payment until the earlier of (i) September or (ii) you having started to work elsewhere.  
  8. Technically correct. But here is no "lease at will" for private leases in Germany. The landlord would have to claim that they need it for themselves or a close family member (Eigenbedarf). And even then they may or may not prevail in court. The current landlord will have a very hard time to prove Eigenbedarf, given that they were prepared to sell the property in the first place. And it is the current landlord with whom Jono is negotiating - not the future owner, whose claim for Eigenbedarf might be stronger. Getting more money for selling a property without tenants is not a valid reason for terminating a lease in Germany.
  9. Cancellation of house sale

    What does the notarized sales agreement say ? Does it reflect the delayed payment in July ? Or was that 'agreed to' outside of the notarized agreement ? The purpose of having to use a notary for real estate sales is to avoid situations like this. I am pretty certain that the notary read all the terms out loud to you and asked you whether you understood what they mean.   You are right by 50%. Or by 33%. How many halfs of you are out there ? ;-)
  10. Sufficient salary ranges in and around Munich

    I agree with your last sentence. But you can only invest what you have (unless you borrow to invest, which might not be the brightest idea). The example assumes that there is only 30k available for a down payment. That is the money one can invest today. And in case there was more cash available for a down payment the interest would also be lower.
  11. Some of what others have said before and some more thoughts:   1. You will run into issues with the German customs/tax authorities. That risk increases the more often you cross a border with some/occasional border controls. Bear in mind that this not only applies to the German-Swiss border, but also to returning from, say, Austria. 2. You do understand that you will have to get a Swiss insurance ? Do you also understand that a Swiss insurer will not provide you with a car insurance if you live in Germany ? A German insurer will not insure a car with Swiss plates. 3. Even if you deceive them by using a friend's Swiss address: They do verify it against the Swiss registry of drivers licenses. 4. You run the risk of losing your insurance coverage in case of an accident or theft.   In light of the above you might face fewer issues if you simply register the car in Germany and then use (stolen) Swiss plates. Which is still a crime and can create all kind of other problems, but at least the car is (probably) properly insured...   Just kidding, of course.   What are you trying to achieve with Swiss plates ? Benefit from the foreigner's bonus when driving the streets of Munich ? Just get any German plates starting with three letters and you will get more leeway than you ever wanted.