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  1. Food outlet - catastrophe

    Since you are based in Berg-am-Laim: They used to be selling Steckerlfisch at the parking lot of the Truderinger Kulturzentrum at the Wasserburger Landstrasse/Feldbergstrasse crossing. Not every day, but maybe on Thursdays and Fridays (and Saturdays) ?  No idea whether this is still an option these days.
  2. Notice period and vacations when terminating contract

    Within certain limits employer and employee can deviate from the notice periods established in Sec.622 BGB in an employment agreement. I'd read the part in bold to establish a notice period for the employee which is equivalent to the notice period for the employer. Is this an exact quote or your translation of the clause in your employment agreement ? Given that the employment started in February 2018 the notice period would be one month to a month's end. A notice given now would be effective to the end of June.    Note that other notice periods may apply in case there is a Tarifvertrag for your company - see Sec 622 subsection (4).   Having said all that: - you could have a conversation with your employer and agree with them on the best way forward - you could give notice now to the end of July.   Disclaimer: I am a lawyer, but this is not legal advise for this case.