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  1. Generally for Blue card, if you loose your job, you get 3 months of time to find another and also get money for upto 3 months i guess from government. For a person holding a PR, he/she would get money from government for upto a year.   my questions regarding this are 1. How much % of your original salary would you get if you loose your job from the government 2. What is the benefit of having a private job loss insurance?   Thank you in advance for your answers
  2. Yes...i know.. That's why I said I believe... And also the T&C are derived in such a stupid way that will only make people loose more money to them... And people sign up to this out of necessity. Even DB has come up with online version of it but the stupid busses haven't changed... 
  3. Has anyone delayed registering their new apartment for more than 2 weeks, let's say 3 weeks? If you do delay what's the worst that can happen? Due to a family emergency I had to travel out the 2nd day of moving in and I will be back the third week hence my issue. I want to know what would happen before I directly speak to the local office. Thank you. 
  4. Interesting. But I believe based on the current market and available technology, the transport service should not be paper based. Everyone can loose their cards at any given time. It's best to be online to check via mobile and access it anytime you want. Even third world countries have moved from paper to online years ago... I'm from one such country. 
  5. Actually... It won't be abo then... So the additional benefits you get for weekends is not valid with a normal monats karte... 
  6. Hi Dom,  Thank you for the info. The bus company told him, if he looses his monats abo card then it is not replaceable. So he has to buy a new one.    If we pay upwards of 100 euros and we get a piece of paper and we have to protect it at all costs that just sounds horrible. They should either make it mobile accessible or provide a replacement. Anyway he was planning OK getting a car. I think that's the best way out of this. 
  7. A friend of mine lost his bag which had his mobile and his bus abo ticket inside. He travels quite far hence his annual subscription even for month costs around 120euros. He has a personal liability insurance. Will it cover the cost of getting his ticket again? 
  8. Well in my instance I have got an emergency insurance which will help me pay for a lawyer for issues start from 1 year in the past. I also have taken tons of pictures and I'm in no urgent need of money. But I will wait out till I get mine. As I have a PR in Germany, I'm not going anywhere soon 😂
  9. Not when you just arrived in Germany and also you have no idea about any german language knowledge and see the house at night in december when there is a blizzard outside
  10. Thank you guys for your advice. I have gotten a legal insurance and paid 250 for that. I also got photos and video of the apartment. Also I got in touch with a lawyer who said my contract was incomplete and even the size of apartment not me tioned inside. In the ad on eBay kleinezeigen he said it is 75sqmtr but today we measured... It's f**** 46.5sq meter. He left for vacation 3 days before closure of my contract without finalizing with me. I gave him a damn letter that I'm vacating in 3 months in writing even then the a*******e still went away for vacation. The ubergabeprotokoll... He did not give me a copy after we signed.. He just went inside his apartment in 28th July and closed his door. I have my colleague as witness for it. He told me neben kost in Germany will not be given back... My lawyer was dumbstruck when I told him I pay 160euros and heating or electric or nothing else is covered except for water and trash.  I'm telling you this fight is going to be epic. He thinks I don't have insurance. But we'll in any country money can buy you alot of things even insurance if you pay enough. Please wish me luck. I'm in line to get 5k minimum from him. 
  11. If you can see my other posts then it would be clear why I'm taking the legal route. However i am now going into a legal battle with my landlord because 4 days before vacating the apartment, he wanted me to paint it, even without it being bad and also not required in the contract. Also i lived there only for 2 and half years. He was rude and also he was disrespectful. I've had enough of his bullshit and I'm taking him to court. I took this decision after carefully thinking about the consequences. Also i found out i have a bullshit sq meters mentioned in my contract and also nebenkost incorrect and no bill for the nebenkost for entire time. Plus i fixed several issues in the house which were not my responsibilities. I think i have enough data. Also I'm taking whatsapp chat printouts where he threatened to take me to court as i reported to him that the water heater broke and i 'Requested' him to fix it as it was winter. Soooooo I think my case is strong. However I would really appreciate any additional tips and rules i need to be aware about so that i have as much support as possible before I begin. 
  12. Short version of my problem. I lived in an old apartment for 2 years and now moving out in 3 days. Owner wants me to paint it even though in contract it says 5 years. I tried to reason with him but he is a bad person. I have had countless Problems with him and since I'm alone I never fought back. You can know more about it in my other posts.  But for now I really need urgent help. Can someone please let me know what to do or how to do? 
  13. Trash cans not provided by Landlord

    2 years 6 months. Also he said it was freshly painted but it was not. Unfortunately I signed the ubergabeprotokoll when I joined in which it says it was renovated.  It's 2 rooms plus kitchen
  14. Trash cans not provided by Landlord

    An update. Today the landlord came to me and said we have to paint. House looks like crap it seems. I spent 2 days making it spotless. He wants me to paint it before 31st July. And he will check on August 4th as he is going to vacation today. We have to put back the keys on 31st and wait for his approval or seems. I'm literally at the end of the line and I desperately need some support. Please can someone help me fight this idiot.  I have 72 hours to do something here. 
  15. Trash cans not provided by Landlord

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I will definitely look into the nebenkost thing. Even though it will cost me, i want to fight. Today within 3 days of moving out the landlord came to us saying we have to repaint the apartment - mind you, without even looking inside and its been 2 and half years and in the contract it says 5 years or more. Im done with his bull shit and he think he can simply get away with shouting. i did not have any sleep last night and im done. if he wants a fight i will give it to him.